Wednesday, June 12, 2013



Contest Time!!!!
I saw that contests were pretty popular on the the polls so I decided why not have one!

The book you're to make a cover for is called...

Taste of Danger
By Sarah. PG

Summary: Korin has a fairly simple live, well planned out, a respectable job, and absolutely no out of  the ordinary experiences. So it's quite a surprise to her when after she meets a strange gentleman named 
Mr. Thomas Harding she suddenly finds herself knee deep in adventure, intrigue, mystery, and most of all DANGER and at the center of it lies a book and a series of notes written in poetry form. All Korin wants is to return to her normal life...but that just doesn't look possible.

I want the book to feature some sort of action series (not fighting) perhaps a chase with the above title. 

Contest number #2!

For this one find a picture you like or totally make your own postcard put on a fake address design your stamp and mail her off into this contest by posting a link to it in comments.


*Mandatory Rules for Both Contests!*
1. Put a link to this post on your entry post
2.  Give me the link to your entry in comments
3. You may have as many as two entries per contest
4. Hug somebody (just kidding)

*Due Date for Both Contests.*

Feel free to enter one or both of the contests, I can't wait to see the entries!


  1. WOW; great contest =) The postcard idea was really creative! I will enter for sure =)

    1. I entered!!!

  2. Here's my 2 entry's! In two different posts, Sorry.

  3. Here is my entrie for your book cover contest! :)

    Hope you like it!