Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Taste of Danger Chapter 2

Chapter 2
The Notes  

Perchance we meet
At Sunrises seat
All danger is lost to you.
Lest I not appear
Keep book in spite of fear
And in it find the clues you seek.
Best of luck to you
May your skies be blue
And bright hope in darkest peak.

P.S. Beware of HIM

I’d read that note several times that night and had only gotten a few hours of sleep for my effort while I could see that whatever the issue this all pointed to danger I couldn’t make heads or tails what danger…surely whatever the circumstances I wasn’t in danger I mean I wasn’t involved in it…whatever this guy was involved in I didn’t want anything to do with it, I would simply go to work as normal and pretend none of this ever happened; which is exactly what I did…more or less.


My silliness was the only reason I ended up keeping the book, choosing instead to put it in the back of my hidden attic and forget about it. I left promptly for the bus station and before long I had forgotten about the book and was going over some sums in my head (I was an accountant) when I sat down on my regular seat on the bus (you know the one)
I heard the driver call me up I sighed and leaving my bag on the seat I made my way forward suddenly a noise behind me caused me to turn round where I saw…

“HEY!” A man was rifling through my bag he snarled at me as he grabbed the bag and rushed out of the bus I groaned; not again and not while I was about to leave for work oh, why me. I jumped out after him and would have gained on I’m too if he hadn’t of had the advantage of a head start and longer legs. Angrily I stumbled forward hoping, praying that the man ahead of me would run into something very hard. The man looked back at me and flashed a cruel grin only to find that when he looked forward again the bag was gone…it had flown from his hands and landed right between us, we both paused momentarily and then…rushed forward madly, I was able to make it there first I grabbed my bag and took off towards a crowd where I lost him.

When I reach the next stop for my bus I re-board and sit down…and looking out the window I notice…the sun is just almost halfway into the sky and suddenly I remember… I visibly shiver when I see the familiar black coat and fedora disappearing from the bus…I gasp my hands clutch into fists as I jump up but that bus starts again as is the way of my life. I look out my window and stare at him he turns around and tips his fedora to me, points to his wristwatch and shrugs before walking away. I just stare off as him even as the bus speeds up and I stumble and fall to my knees and see…another note on my seat.  

Couldn’t wait, couldn’t stay
Danger could not be kept at bay
It followed me here
I’m sorry my dear.
Couldn’t be helped, Cannot be controlled
Look in the book, be ever so bold
Seek out the clues
First one’s than two’s.
I’m sure you’re confused, I’m sure you’re perplexed
Maybe even slightly vexed
I did not know you were not her
I failed to note your sarcastics I’m sure.
In future don’t lead me on, don’t assume I’ll know
For your own sake you must not to work go
I’ll help whenever I may
But for now, be on your way.

Mr. Thomas. Harding

Okay…now I was really upset!

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  1. Oh my word! How awesome can this story get!
    Cannot wait to see what happens!