Saturday, June 8, 2013

Taste of Danger Chapter 1

Me: This book features Korin (Kara from Saved by Grace's sister)
as the main character because I was rather short handed on stories to put her in so therefore she has become the heroine of this one :D oh yeah and Korin was the second place winner of the Art contest :) this was what she picked.

I could feel my heart beating several hundred beats too fast while I raced along the countryside my legs whirling so fast they might have stumbled and sent me sprawling if I hadn’t been so set upon getting away from my pursuer…only a little while ago I’d just been a normal girl in her early twenty’s but that was before I met Mr. Thomas Harding a guy with a taste for danger, who unknowingly placed me in danger by making one small slip up on a bus.

Now here I was, my life in peril…you might ask what Harding could have possibly done to endanger me so, well to answer that I’d have to rewind back two days ago. 

Chapter 1
 I took my usual seat at the back of the bus, heading home on a chilly Thursday evening with my bag on my lap I quietly closed my eyes after the final boarding call was made and laid back as the bus started to move but before I could get too comfortable a man called out and the bus screeched to a halt I clutched my bag tightly as I flew forward…couldn’t he have stopped a little smoother? The man boarded and shoved all the way to the back and sat down next to me I tried to ignore him…he didn’t seem to want to be ignored.

“Hello darling, did you miss me.”
“Excuse me?”
“Please darling, I know I’m late but I couldn’t help it.” And than in a whisper, “He has escaped…I couldn’t shake him he’s looking for me.”
“Wait…are you not…” He leans over and whispers again, “Gracia Winters?”
I give him a look. “Yes of course I’m ‘her’ I was just trying to look casual.” I whisper back my voice dripping in sarcastic tones.
He nods’. “I thought so…here.” He hands me a book. “I’ll be around…you will hear from me again.” Without further ado he gets up and I finally realize the bus has stopped before I can get up and correct the guy he leaves and the bus starts up again.
“Wait!” I shout and the driver stops and opens the door. I rush out hurriedly tucking the book in my purse. I see the black of his coat disappearing around a corner and I rush ahead towards it but when I get there he is nowhere to be found. Confused and very far from my destination I turn around make my way back towards the bus stop and sit down.
My bag hits me with a thump as I try to get comfortable and I remember the book I pull it out and open it inside is a note and a name,


oh and by the way the names...Lesley, Korin Lesley


  1. I adore this blog. :)
    And I love this story.
    Xox. Kayla

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    1. Oh and by the way..that comment meant a lot to me.

  3. How fun! Great story <3 Alex

  4. Oh yes, and your blog looks splendid! I hadn't seen it recently :-)

    1. TO FIRST COMMENT: That's very nice of you to say!
      TO SECOND COMMENT: you can thank storyteller for that she designed the header and button for me and after she sends them my way I use that to inspire the rest of the look :)

  5. wow, that was epic! I was totally sucked into this story from the first sentence! I have a feeling this is going to be a great story =) Great job Sarah!

    1. That's very nice of you to say :)
      I used some things I was learning in this How to write a novel
      book I got recently...the book was really helpful!

      This book was one of those "I'm going to write this just for the experience and no one will ever see it." books but I loved it so much I decided it had to go on the blog I hope it stays fun and interesting.
      Your Friend