Monday, June 24, 2013

*Half Smiles*

I am at a loss at this moment I was just sitting here with the computer on my lap thinking, "Okay, so I read all the unread posts in Google Reader I don't have any new emails and my music is still playing...I KNOW I'LL WRITE A BLOG POST!" that just about sums me up since the internet started working again I mean before when it didn't it seemed like I had a million things to do and no time to do them in and now it's my duty to catch up with my blogging again so why doesn't this apply first? Hmm old habits die hard I guess.

Those thoughts were followed up with, "So I'm on blogger what do I write...I KNOW I'LL WRITE ABOUT NOT KNOWING WHAT TO WRITE AND THEN DO POEMS AND UPDATES!" 
Don't you guys love how resourceful I am. Okay enough jokes now here's the poem.

Nothing seems to come to mind
So this is what I've got
A poem on confusion
And whatever else plus whatnot? 

Isn't it funny how I've made a poem when I can't think
Isn't it funny how that works
I assure you though it's not always like that
It's just sometimes I have those quirks.

Ever have a hard time trying to find a rhyme
For that thing you just wrote
I experience that pretty much always 
So I have those thoughts to tote.

That's the poem now the updates...

1. Thanks to a little push from a friend a sister and a little brainstorming there should be a new chapter to Cathrine Weatherbane and even perhaps one for The Traveling Red Umbrella Girl...and I'll get on the others as well if you tell me which ones you're anxious to see more of also I'm thinking on discontinuing a few of the others since I have so many stories that need my attention and yes even I can't take on ten stories at once.

2. I may possibly have a Character Quiz soon but to do that I need to know which book you guys would like to see a quiz for. Let me know in comments.

3. Would you guys like me to illustrate any of my books I could always try.

4. Any questions, reminders or other please let me know in comments. 

Thanks for your ever faithful patience.


  1. did you ever get my next part to our story? No rush; I was just wondering if you got it =) Just wanted to make sure =)

  2. Yes I got it and it's almost finished I'm just giving it a little more time
    before I do.
    Your Friend