Thursday, June 27, 2013

In Which I Talk About My Writing Progress

 Goodness Gracious has it happened again? I can't seem to quite remember what I was going to post about all I know is it was something about being on time and getting back to people... I got it!... I'll talk about my story writing progress!
I feel guilty I said I'd have Cathrine Weatherbane out soon and I even had lots of the new chapter written down but what to my surprise and dismay that the chapter didn't satisfy me and if it doesn't satisfy me than I know it won't satisfy others. You must understand that I like to feel what my chracters are feeling (I mean like as I write it. I want to get what's going on, on a more personal level) and if I don't well than I can tell my chapter is lacking I read it and reread it but still no dice it just didn't sit right with me and so goes the rewriting of chapter 19 does it always get so hard this close to the end...spoiler spoiler...yeah Cathrine Weatherbane is almost done I figure I'll try to make it to thirty chapters if I have to but my goal is 25 but we'll see. 
For Tales of a Wandering Forest Princess I'd say you may have to wait a little longer because my co-author is in the works of her chapter and than I have to write a follow up, but be assured it will be as speedy as is possible!

The Traveling Red Umbrella Girl was not a one time thing and whenever I want I can get going on that one of course if you guys want to be sure of a speedy arrival of that one you'll just have to tell me because I'm afraid on my own I probably won't get that done as soon as I might. 

Hmmm, pretty much the same rules that go for Tales of a Wandering Forest Princess apply to Silver Sunsets (Oh, you know Janna, Porsha, ect...)

As for the others....well we'll see what happens I'm trying to cut down so you can be sure soon you'll be seeing a poll for what you want me to keep and the stories with the least votes will get tossed aside! 
At least for now...they may be reused later.
Thanks so much for reading.




  1. I think every writer has a different writing process, and each one is pretty messy. Writing is not a very organized profession is it?

  2. Yep I'm sure even the most organized writer
    can't force something out when it isn't there.