Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Interview with Bethany

I got the chance to interview one of my friends for the blog recently. Her family are missionaries in India so I don't get to see her much but she'll be visiting in a few weeks so I'm really excited!

Without further ado here's her answers...

"My name is Bethany and I am a PK and Missionary's' kid. What inspires me is the need, the need for the gospel and especially the need for love. 
My hobbies are reading, and doing creative things, such as making cards, decorating stuff, drawing, painting, etc. I also like watching movies but only if they're really good and worth watching. 

My father started a ministry in India which has now spread all over the world. It includes church planting, bible schools, children homes, hospitals, schools, nursing schools, over 300 own churches ( not including churches started by pastors we trained, if included we would have 5-6 thousand churches ), etc.

 I have two brothers and one sister, the sister and one of the brothers being half. They each have two kids with my sister-in-law pregnant. 
When I grow up I don’t wanna just live my life then slip away. I wanna make a difference. I want to be in full-time ministry, doing what we are on earth to do. I don't have a favorite book or bible verse. I don’t have many favorite anythings, how can you even choose out of so many nice choices? Living in India is like standing at the battle front. It is so much different from the West. But I like it because it reminds us what we are here on earth for. In the West there are so many  distractions and comfortableness. It feels fake to me. India needs God and I plan to do something about that.

God Bless"
 Bethany's Family have a site that shares a little more about the ministry if you want to go check it out click here --->Love-n-Care Ministries International

All for now.

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