Sunday, June 23, 2013

Summer Song #1

Song for Summer
 We could take a splash the pool or do a Photo Shoot
Grab a hotdog, get some lemonade
And find a hula-hoop
This summer we’re not gonna wade
We’re gonna take it full on
Enjoy this summer before it’s gone.

We could go on a road trip or just stay at home
Pack a suitcase, fill up the car
Who knows where we’ll roam
Let’s catch a star
We’ll make this summer last
Before it’s in the past.

I could visit the beach, walk barefoot in the sand
Catch music in my fingers
And create an imaginary band
With ten or twelve singers
All in hand.

For Him
I’d love to spend my summer singing praises
To the Lord on high
Thanking him for summer’s graces
For fireworks in the sky
I’d love to spend my summer for his glory
Thank the Lord for writing my story.

I may possibly write a few more since I have more Summer experiences I could put into poetry form but it's up to you guys :)

1 comment:

  1. I love it. Really good sentiments, good advice also - don't waste your life. True for every season of the year and for every season of life. Thanks for how you challenge me. Love you dear.