Thursday, June 20, 2013

Taste of Danger Chapter 4

Chapter 4
Annoying Clues and Meeting Places

I KNEW IT! I knew he would pull something like that…I realize I’ve only known the guy for like a day so far but... I have very firm opinions of stranger people who mess with your life, get you in danger, Hide very important facts in cryptic poetry form, and even after they’ve realized they did all this to you, the wrong person…they don’t try to fix it!
Honestly I think I’m entitled to my behavior!

I’m sure you’re all wondering as much as I am what Mr. so and so (Mr. Harding) was up to, what could he possibly have that made the other guy (HIM?) want to find him? What was going on and where did This Garcia or rather I come into the picture? Well perhaps we’ll find out in this chapter.

I pull open my front door of my home and slam it shut ignoring the huge mess that had shall we say “appeared” in my absence. (You wouldn’t expect a ransacked house to look pleasant, cozy, and clean would you?) I rush over to the hidden panel that leads up to the attic throw it open and climb in. (The hadn’t discovered it thank goodness…I mean I wouldn’t have totally minded it if they had found the book because it probably would have meant that they’d then leave me alone but…that would leave me in the dark and believe me when you’re life is as boring as mine and you have a mystery weighing on your thoughts it’s hard to just let it slide…I of course would give the book to them (to spite what’s his face) but only after I’d read it first and figured it out…and maybe done a little investigating…WHAT I said my life was boring didn’t I! No that does not mean I’m thankful to what’s his face! What’s that you say? Am I going to keep calling Mr. Harding, What’s his face? Yes, yes I am. Huh, you think this is the longest monologue you’ve ever read and you want me to move on with the story? Well fine, have it your way, I’ll just keep quiet for a very, very long TIME!)

…..a VERY long time later…..

I hum as I find the book, slap it on the ground, and turn to page one.
I begin to read…

“In the mix
You’ve found some tricks
The ones you see
Two the others decree.”

I look to page two…

“Rabbit trails get you into trouble
Best be away on the double!”

More confused I turn to page three…

“(1)Hide my heart away.
(1)I cannot stay.
<3>I cannot fly.
<3>I cannot lie.
(1)Danger follows me.
{2}By the name of HIM or HE.
<3>Down deep, dusty, tired.
{2}Check the phone it’s probably wired.
<3> Nothing, nothing, black.
(1)Eternal danger I lack.
<3>Noteworthy adventures…

{2}Books are best left hidden in plain sight but be wary.
(1)Tomorrow I leave, never tarry.
<3>Secrets hide the most revealed.
(1)Hurts are something healed.
<3>Freedom is the price I pay.
{2}Don’t loose this book I say!
(1)Eat sparingly, speak plenty.

(1)Trust me!
(1)Really you must see.
<3>Rain has to fall.
{2}It’s important she’s never discovered.
(1)Use my words as you deem them.
{2}But I might mix you two up.
{2}Sorry if I have!
(1)Truly I’ve left off rhyming!
<3>Shame, shame terrible timing.
(1)Hopeless I am, why did you insist on poetry Gracia!
{2}Look at page 4…”

I knew that there was something in the one’s and the two’s somewhere in here but…the sentences themselves just seemed like gibberish and I didn’t understand which stuff I should take Stock in I mean it was obvious some of it was rabbit trails as mentioned in the poem before but…ack this was too confusing!
 Turn to page four…

“For advice seek 2’s
For instructions look to 1’s
I knew you’d soon see the sense in the fact
That this book is mostly just a waste of time
So if you want some more answers meet me in the park
On Tuesday at 3:00 pm, June 25’th.
Don’t be late!
Oh, and don’t loose the book I may have just mostly wasted your time and I’d say there’s no real loss to loose this book except…yeah this meeting place…it’s kind of something we don’t want to compromise because of…secrets….whatever I’ve been gentleman long enough just show up please Gracia.
Bring the book.”

Mr. Thomas Harding

 Well...sure looks like I’m going to have to meet with what’s his face again…goody, goody, joy is resonating from me…I just hope this is worth it.

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