Tuesday, June 25, 2013

The Problem with Escorts

By: Brittney
I snuck behind the castle and quickly ran past the stables until I reached the place where they kept and repaired the King’s carriages. As soon as I walked in I spotted a young man pounding away with a hammer at one of the Carriage’s wheels.
I smiled to myself and then called out, “Well hello Jasper! Isn’t it a lovely day?”
He looked up in surprise and banged his head on the carriage.
My hands flew to my mouth, “I – am-so-sorry!” I said, but I was also about to laugh.
He smiled, “I’m fine Janna,” He said rubbing his head. He stood up, wiped his greasy hands on his trousers and walked over to me.
“What are you doing here?” He asked lifting one eyebrow. His green eyes staring back at me.
“Well,” I said clearing my throat, “I’ve come to ask for a favor.”
“Uh, huh,” He said prodding me along.
“I was wondering if you could drive the carriage with princess Porsha in it pretending to go to the Queen’s estate but instead secretly turn around and drop her off at my house.” I said quickly and then I looked up at him and gave him a sly smile.
He snorted, “Have you lost your mind?” He asked.
“No,” I said still smiling.
“What about the guards that are required to protect the princess during her journey?”
I frowned; I hadn’t thought about that.
Jasper snorted, “Janna what are you trying to do now? Why on earth do you want the princess to go to your house? And why would she want to go there? and why…”
“Could you just hush?” I said, “I’m trying to think.”
Jasper just rolled his eyes.
“Look here,” He said, “I’m willing to help you with whatever you need, just because we’re friends. But putting your life, the princess’s, and mine in danger is stupid. If the king ever found out about this maniac idea he’d be sure to hang you, and me, also the princess.”
I gulped, “I’m sure there is some way!”
“Well,” He said turning back to his work, “You find a way to get rid of the guards and make the plan less dangerous and I’ll help you. But not until then.”
I sighed, “Well I guess I need to talk to Porsha about this! I’m sure she will come up with an idea…”

By: Me

I was just looking over some “engagement” presents from the prince with disgust when Janna returned panting to my room.
“Well, did he accept? Will he take us?”

 “Um…he says if we make it safer.”

“Safer?” I asked. “Safer, what does he mean by that?”

“Says….it’s still to risky if the king finds out he’ll  have our heads and war will be eminent.”

“Did you tell him about the letter signed by Lady Francis?”

“Noooooo, but I still think he’s right, because he also said that we’ll be expected to take escort guards and how on earth are we to get rid of a troupe of escort guards without arousing the kings suspicion!”

“Oh….I hadn’t thought of that.” I paused to think. “Is bribery possible?”

“No I wouldn’t try that they’re far to afraid of the king to betray him like that, besides they’d probably take the bribe and then sell us out to the king to get another reward.”

“Hmmm, that’s right. There’s nothing else for it then we’ll have to do…oh, goodness I can’t believe I’m saying this but we’ll just have to take them along.”

“WHAT! Are you joking that’s crazy we can’t take them with us they’ll betray us to the king!”

“Not necessarily. Do you have a brother.”

“Uh…yes a younger brother.”

“How old is he.”

“14 but he’s tall for his age, why?”

“Are his friends trustworthy do you think you could get them to come over this afternoon.”

“Yes but why.”

“Good than do we have any uniforms from Lady Francis’s palace.”

“Well I should think so they get their armor from here but what has this got to do with my brother and his friends.”

“Oh because Lady Francis has been so kind as to oblige us with escorts from her own palace so as not to disturb the king. Only three or four perhaps because we don’t want to make things to crowded two for the front two for the back. Walking yes walking will pass.”

“I’m still confused what are you planning.”

“Oh, Janna don’t you see you’re brothers will dress up like lady Francis’s guards who have come to escort me and the king won’t question it.”

Janna smiled. “Glad I didn’t have to plan out this whole thing. I’ll go tell my brother the  oh, and Jasper as well of course the plan if things are to work out we haven’t a moment to loose I’ll just slip this letter in with the royal mail before I ship off see you this afternoon.” Janna giggled waving the letter in the air as she rushed out. I smiled relieved and fell into my chair…a whole week of not having to worry about that prince!


  1. Hey, saw your comment on my blog... and then accidentally deleyed the comment. So, I'm responding here.
    I am very, VERY SORRY! I'll rewrite it tonight or tommorow and will get it to you afterwards. Again, I am exceedingly sorry, and will henceforth write a less darker, more "friendly" version.
    Though I am glad you thought it was well-written!


  2. Yeah I liked it but it just didn't seem right
    for the whole deal...:) ever heard of
    "The Princess and the Frog" it's sort of a spin off of that though
    no kissing or anything like that more characters and
    as far as I can tell the frog prince is not a frog :)
    I mean he acts awful and he's with the bad guys
    it's sort of like that but I don't think your characters are in league
    with him in any way....yeah so before I give to much away I'd better end
    Looking forward to your part.
    Your Friend

  3. Frog Prince: Martin, to be introduced later
    I'd like to introduce him myself so than you know kind of what I'm planning for his character :)
    Your Friend