Friday, March 29, 2013

Hmmm what to say....

How about this for the greater part of yesterday I was trying to get this video to come up on my blog but I've given up on it for now until the Internets improved...yeah *smirk* you're going to have to wait awhile.
Anyways lets make this a da da dummmmmmmmmm
A My Life Post!  
(yeah I was going to put a picture there but the internet's that bad)

Okay so instead of telling you all the boring stuff I did I'll just tell you the exciting stuff that happened and a few eagerly waited for coming events down my way. Let's see um, I made more plans for the redecoration of my room, my mom shortened my way to long curtains and we had some fun shopping time also we got to do a really awesome Thursday Movie Morning yesterday (it's where us girls and dad wake up at six and watch like an Answers in Genesis, How they made the New Testament, or other cool movie only on Thursday mornings 
Oh, yeah and we got to go visit my brother Josh and his lovely wife Kristen at there house for my mom's birthday it  was definitely a great time! I recently got into colorful watercolor painting (which you probably know by now) and I've been doodling a lot honestly mom's sure I'm going to grow up to be a writer who illustrates her own works. Anyways upcoming stuff...well tonight's Good Friday service and this Saturday's another Bible Study with Dad, Sunday's Easter, and upcoming Friday not this one next one we have a chocked day planned consisting on going to a play put on by some close friends (I love Drama maybe I can do it sometime) and then later in the day we're going to a Bible Study put on by some other friends all in all I think we've got great things coming! 

I thank God for the great parents, friends, and family I have....I just had to add that :D

Sarah. P.G

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

It's the Contest Updates Sweetie,

Yep it's me again back from a long nap from blogging.
Anyways here's what I've decided will be the awards for the art contest!
(No I'm not announcing the winners yet I only have one entry and I haven't even reached the due date!)

Those of you who want to enter...enter haha and I've some new on that for you guys too.

The judging won't be based completely on skill of the picture it's also the character, the color, and the sheer creativity of the piece so if you feel intimidated cause someone else seems to be more of a talented artist than you don't be because I love so many art types you're likely to get a good vote too!

So here are the awards the winners will get to choose from (first place chooses first and so on but feel free to request a special award too) 

1. A header designed by me
2. Be featured in one of my stories
3. Get a memorabilia piece of your favorite character
4. Get a special interview (not like the one on my interview page) and have your button placed on the side of my blog. 

That's all I can think of for now....
Uhhem I'm aware that the "Write Anna's Contest" is over but I'm extending it to next Wednesday for last minute writers or Layla wins by default if anymore extended time is needed let me know and I'll see what I can do. 

Please feel free to enter either or both of these contests you'd make me so very happy!

Continueing Series with Brittney Ann

By Brittney

Sun shined down on my face as I looked out at the street from my bedroom window. The street was alive with horses; their hooves hitting down on the cobblestone; peasants & beggars pleading for money on the street corners, women looking at all the streets shops, and salesman yelling out all the good deals of the morning.
I sighed with exhaustion but I knew that no matter how tired I was I still have to go to work. I threw on my worn, calico dress, brushed my hair and placed a bandana on top, and then I pulled on my old shoes that were way too small and pinched my feet.
“Hosea!” I yelled to my younger brother, “I’m going to work now, won’t be back till late tonight! I got lots of work to do since the princess of Terabithia is comin’.”
“All right.” Hosea said in return.
I walked out the front door and down the four blocks to the castle. I was one of the castles maids and I was dreading a day of hard work, and each passing moment I kept on getting more nervous about the princess Porsha coming to our kingdom- Nopelia, because just yesterday I was informed that I am to be Porsha’s personal maid!
“ Oh, I hope she is a nice girl unlike all the other snobby princesses I have encountered!” I said wrinkling my nose.

 by Sarah 
I glanced out the gold rimmed window of my carriage and thought once again how much I hated being escorted "in style" so that my brother could satisfy his need to impress the royals of Nopelia but at least the ride was only a week give a few days and we were almost there now thank goodness!

We'd made it and I was being escorted to my room, I asked to be left alone and luckily nobody asked why they just said they'd come and get me when the king called, I nodded and as soon they were gone I burrowed into my bag and pulled out my disguise; a servants dress and a headscarf so no one would see my face. I intended to know every inch of this place and the kind of people it had before the king called....I always felt I was born into the wrong lineage I always wanted to be a commoner, to be  a commoner would mean to be common and common people didn't have to go to balls and parties and dress up in stiff silk gowns and stay in the palace doing nothing but stitching and lute playing, stitching and lute playing and an occasional spout of silly poetry about a princess being rescued by a prince was expected too
for it seemed fashionable princesses nowadays were the ones who were brainless and incompetent, why if anyone ever caught me reading they'd have the book taken away, and if I was caught riding "unladylike" as they put it the horse was taken away from me, now I'm not a feminist but I don't like being treated like a doll and not a person!

I glanced back into the room...if they'd only treat me less like a princess. I sighed and climbed out the window.

Saturday, March 23, 2013


(if you are reading this on Google Reader go to my blog and read this post cause' there's a video)

I like the verse at 3:47 at least it kinda starts there :)

Could we with ink the ocean fill
And were the skies of paper made
Every tree on earth a quill
And every man a scribe by trade
To write the love of God above
Would drain the ocean dry
Nor could the scroll contain the whole
Though stretched from sky to sky
Oh love of God, how rich and pure
How measureless and strong
It shall forevermore endure
The saints and angels songs
Oh love of God, how rich and pure
How measureless and strong
It shall forevermore endure

Pure poetry and maybe it inspires you to try and draw this scene like me :)

See ya later 

Friday, March 22, 2013

Splash of Color #2


Splash of Color Summer Edtion

This is Awesome Storyteller!

Yep Storyteller came up with this fun thing over at Dragonmaster and I've decided to try for fun.
So here are the rules...
1. Dragonmaster's name and dragon description in detail
2.Recount a small (fake) adventure that happened that week with your dragon  also do 5-10 photos that describe your Dragonmaster (but I'm only going to do one because I'm running short of time.

My Dragonmaster's Name: Pelania
Dragon's Name: Fire-Star
Pelania's Weapon: Bow and Arrows
About Fire-Star: She's an Ember Dragon, graceful and mostly gentle but can get excited and when she does....well lets say I need to keep her calm or things catch fire and not necessarily burn but...they do tend to have a faint pink glow afterwards. 

I was tired so I didn't notice the tiny dragon creeping into my backpack that one day I was hiking with my dad we'd finally finished and dad had annouced we'd go home right after a quick rest...hmmm quick rest was enough time for a tiny dragon to sneak into my stuff and chew on my iPod hmmm. Sorry I am just amazed that within the time we returned my house my backpack had gotten heavier and heavier I finally decided to investigate so I rushed up to my room and cautiously peered into the unzipped darkness and what did I see...a chewed up iPod and big pink eyes grinning at me. "WHAH!" I tossed my backpack to the other side of the room, a faint squeak came from it and the small dragon climbed out; she was now to big for the backpack and was rapidly getting bigger. "Get out, get out, get out!"I flung open my window with one hand and with the other I reached over and scooped the dragon under my arm and I jumped....nope I didn't die I knew that the ground wasn't "that" far away so when I landed the jolt caused me to release the dragon and began spitting out little tiny flames but with each spit the flames got bigger just like the dragon. I screamed in frustration as a spark hit my shirt and it began to faintly glow. "No, no, no!" I scolded and the dragon sat down and looked up? Nope down she was to big at this point.I prodded her away from the house and into the small forest in the backyard, hopefully mom wouldn't mind that I'd accidentally brought a dragon home even though she'd warned me countless times. And then finally she stopped growing and I sighed in relief thank goodness! And that happened only two days ago now she's a permanent resedent faithful to me and way to attached, mom copes with her, dad tolerates her, but I've gathered up quite a fondness for my Fire-Star.

Please excuse the sloppiness of that story. 

Entering Britt's Contest

Thursday, March 21, 2013

A Splash of Color

I thought I'd brighten up this dingy begining to spring (at least it's dingy down here) by entering a Storyteller's Photo Edit Contest and since our spring is dingy I decided to enter a picture I took of a  drawing I drew haha and edited it ahuh so here it is the picture I've made such a fuss over....

 That's all so I hope to hear from you lovely readers soon!
I'm feeling Artsy so I'm going to make a crazy water color signature and use that today!


Coming Up Dry and Getting Wet Again

Sometimes you come up dry, you feel like God's grace is all sapped up, he's gone and left you to your helpless sinful state and you see no light at the end of the tunnel. Desperately you search for a reason why God has deserted you and then you wonder about what kind of Christian you are and your mind is jumbled and all you can do is cry and pray. 

Now this post isn't going to tell you how to come out of that state because in all honesty only God can provide the help you need, this post is to encourage you to show you that he's there and he "hasn't" deserted you, if you're a Christian he will never leave you. Sometimes dry times are what God uses to strengthen your faith and I've been going through some of that myself but I know that despite the hopelessness of my situation God will be there to shine a light in the dark and with Gods grace that light will get brighter as I study more in his word and he gives more understanding and this grace can come from anything God is Great!

I like this verse from John Mark McMillian's How He Loves

Yep well put, so when God brings us out of dryness and drowns us in a pool of his grace we come out of that dryness with more love and appreciation for him than ever before!

Dad, if you have anything you want to add please do! You're better at explaining this stuff than me.

Enjoy the Song and I'll see you guys later :) 

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

I am Entering...

Entering over at Designed to Inspire

Art Contest!

Yay finally you can exert your artistic skills to draw what you draw best and enter it in a contest!
I need some time to think up prizes so in the meantime you guys get to work!
And any of you who aren't entering if you'd like to offer something I could use as a prize I thank you kindly, oh and one more thing if there's any special prize requests go ahead and ask em' before the end of the contest.

The Contest starts now but I'll have a post later to tell you what the prizes will be. I'll post the rules right after this. Those of you who are going to enter the Write Anna's Story contest...hurry up the contest it ending soon click on this link  to go to the post and post a  link with your entry in comments >Enter<

1. Post your drawing on your blog with a link to this post
2. Give me the link in comments on (this) post
3. You may enter multiple pictures but only if they're of different subjects example: Scenery, Person
4. Pull the contest button off (which will be put on the side of my blog for your convenience 'graciously designed by Storyteller') and put it on your blog for the time the contest is going 

Due Date
April 30'th 2013 

I hope lots of you enter and I can't wait to see what you draw!!

Monday, March 18, 2013

A Continuing Series With Brittney

I'm writing a continuing series with Brittney Ann unofficially called Silver Sunsets read and tell us what you think in comments.
By Sarah

Light streamed in soaking everything with the gold and silver of the setting Terabithian sun. I sighed rubbing my hands against polished marble and scuffing my cream colored slippers on the cold tiled floor. I was tired, tired of staying in one place, and tired of being stuck up here as I had been since I was a little girl leaving the ruling of our large kingdom to my older bother and his Queen Genevieve. 
Tomorrow I was being sent to a neighboring kingdom so we could "bind" our alliances, as my brother so bluntly put it. He seems not to realize that that was not exactly the escape I had wanted and I didn't like being sent as a peace package like I didn't have my own opinions, hopefully this trip would have more than it seemed to promise so that I wouldn't get bored at the very least I hoped I could get out and see the towns without someone coming to collect me (as so often happened here) 
Oh well we'd see what tomorrow would bring.

Special Note to Brittney:
for your first chapter write something about her personal life and opinions and then you can do whatever you like, it would be nice if you would place her in to neighboring Kingdom that Porsha is going too. 

Saturday, March 16, 2013

In Which I Talk About a Lot of Random Stuff

Hello once again, I thought I'd post another one of these since you guys seem to like them so much :) 

Thursday I (did) go shopping and it was great I'll have some pictures included on here of my cute shirt later.
also I've some news of today, future posts, and some shared gratitude :D

Yesterday I went to a really great bible study and made a new friend we sang songs laughed and chatted; it was a lot of fun and they had great food. Coming home I realized just how much God has blessed me and I feel immense gratitude to him for it all it all hit me like a storm and I'm blissfully cheerful right now listening to one of my favorite music artists in what seems like a totally different bedroom and I'm so happy, Also I love how you guys continue to read my posts, comment on them, and vote on the polls your guys are totally the best!

Today we had an awesome father daughter's bible study time! Me Liz and Mom went to a really fun baby shower and made a quick stop at Wal-Mart to pick up a few things we couldn't get Thursday and now I'm back. All in all it was a great day!

News on the future posts, I bet you guys were curious about this. Well for awhile now I've been planning on modeling out a few of my favorite outfits and posting them on here so you guys could vote on which ones were your favorite that way I could have a plan out of clothes for future Sundays and what I like to call Mall Clothes (Casual clothes but of a kind of material you don't want to wash so much so you only wear them when you plan on going out) Also I'd like you guys to leave fashion advise on those posts so I can have idea's on accessories or just what you guys think is really cute. Now I'm not to big on these it's just nice to know the opinions and tips from your friends...Girl talk ya know.

One more thing before the pictures...I'm going to be posting some pics of my amazing pink and library themed room (we're experimenting for the room redecoration come Summer) So that's all enjoy the pictures and I'll see ya later!

 My Glowing Room (Only when the curtains are drawn and only in the daytime)
My nightstand equipped with iPod and and lamp.
  The top shelf of my growing library (Top Shelf = Favorites and minus a few I've pulled out or didn't have room for)
Where everything happens. (Minus my cute rolling desk chair you can't see)

Thursday, March 14, 2013

What's been goin' on?

Yep this is the official cover of my random life posts, because I keep wanting to say like "Back to Reality" or "Get ready to be bombarded with my Life!" hahaha so anyways, what's been going on lately...hmmm well Internets been slow so I haven't been able to post today was the first time it actually showed promise
 (we suspect it was the weather) arrg anyways last Friday night and Saturday morning (of last week) we went to a Creation Conference (Destination Denied) it was so much fun and we got to hear a lot of different fact we had like four different sessions including a designated questions and answers sequence every thing was so need and organized they even had a timer so you'd know when they were starting again :D it was a great weekend.

On Sunday we were snowed in (kinda) and Liz made really great pumpkin snickerdoodle cookies, on Monday Liz made chocolate snickerdoodle cookies and we said farewell to our dear grandparents dog who came to pick her up after a long vacation, on Tuesday Liz made Pumpkin Custard, Wednesday well on Tuesday we didn't do hardly anything except I read a lot and dreamed about today...Oh, and also I got my Senvenly T-shirt!!!

I like it a lot and I had fun experimenting with the editing kinks with the first one on PicMonkey :D

Seems to me like we might go shopping today and we have a few fun events planned for the following days. I'm sad I couldn't get to you sooner but I was happy to see I still had all my lovely readers (friends) intact and even a new one. You guys are so awesome!

Got to go now. Hope to hear from you guys soon.

Cute Little Ones #2

These are of a friend of mine's little girl,
check out Her Blog

The Original 

Brielle's Basic Outline (Not very good just the basics)

Brielle's Finale
(Not done yet actually it still needs coloring but I'm happy)
(Brielle is the little girls name by the way)

So what do you think? Want me to do more or want to make a suggestion?  

Friday, March 8, 2013

Cute Little Ones #1

These are of my little cousin he's so adorable!

The Basic Outline or Rough draft (Doesn't look much like him but still cute.)

The End Result (Didn't quite turn out like I wanted it but it looks like him.)

So what do you think? Tell me in comments.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013


I'm entering Storyteller's Secret Story Contest over at Rubberboot Girl check it out!

Emma. Emile. James isn't your usual girl, she's the most mysterious lady in all of London; having never left her home she's built up a reputation but one day she takes a turn and decides to attend four different masquerade balls. When time comes to unmask however she declines deciding it might be best to keep herself a mystery but this fails when on the evening of the last night she is discovered without her mask on  by Charles a young man who is determined to be the one to learn her secret. She notices him and flees before he has time to stop her now that she has been seen she must leave there are to many chances of being pegged for who she is and if that happens she'll be in the deepest danger of her life.

The Authoress
Rachel Grencian, has written five books including the critically acclaimed "Amber Secrets" she lives in Madison Wisconsin, with her husband and three daughters. Rachel is currently writing the sequel to Behind the Mask.