Friday, October 12, 2012

The Dawn

Dear Reader's,
I shall first ask your apology for not posting sooner but the internet down here has been rather slow and discouraging but I hope to make up for that soon by posting a story I've been writing I hope to have it edited soon but in the meantime please enjoy this poem :)

The Dawn
The dawn sets upon the moor
In brilliant golds and pinks
The castle sits beside the shore
And the falling sun winks
It fades from view and all is dark
The moon begins to climb
And now the night takes on its part
As the stars twinkle and shine
Now we whisper tidings to daylight
And  we welcome the quiet night
~Poem Girl

Yours Truly

Poem Girl


  1. Hi! :) I love your blog!

    ~ Jess

    1. Dear Jess,
      Thanks I appreciate that :)
      Your Friend
      Poem Girl

  2. Hey, Poem Girl!! I just got your header done!! :) use that link to go and check it out!!! :) I hope you like it!! Also, I could make a button and signature for you. Would you want that? :)

    1. Dear Storyteller,
      I can't wait to apply it I just need
      to figure out how first :)
      Your Fried
      Poem Girl