Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Trip Through Seasons

Dear Reader's I thought I would inform you that hopefully starting Tuesday next week I'll have a drawing/poem or story series up where I'll post a picture drawn by me each day along with either a short story (most likely not) or Poem also I hope to have a review up on a new favorite book of mine then when the week's up you can tell me which picture you liked best again this is only a maybe depending mostly on me finding someone who can scan the pictures for me but for now please enjoy this poem.

My Trip through Seasons
I made a visit yesterday
To cheery Summer Town 
Flowers grew beside the way
And tree's were never brown

Last week I tread
Through colorful  Fall
Not a tree I saw was dead
And even the old town hall
Was alive with orange and red

Before that there
was Winter Road
With its chilly frosty air
I quite enjoyed my icy abode
And the breezes through my hair

Oh dear and I nearly forgot
I stopped my touring
So I could take a merry trot
through lively lovely Spring!
~Poem Girl

Yours Truly
Poem Girl

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