Saturday, October 20, 2012

Hey Again :)

Dear Readers,  I hate to keep you waiting but I'm afraid I must for at least a two days more I'm sure the first chapter will be ready by Monday. I would have had it by now but we just couldn't get around to it nonetheless it should be ready by Monday my Dad and I are going to work on it this afternoon and if we can't get it done today we'll at least have it done by tomorrow. So for now enjoy yet another poem.

Bee's in Tree's covered in Leaves
But tree's no longer carry these
For tree's have just now lost there leaves
And Bee's no Longer care for these

So Bee's leave
And leaves relieve
Themselves from wearisome tree's
~Poem Girl

Yours Truly
 Poem Girl
P.S. My lovely sister Ani is responsible for today's post picture. I believe she took this two years ago and isn't it great!

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