Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Cathrine Weatherbane

Dear Readers, Today I'll shall post chapter 1 of my Cathrine Weatherbane story yes I know I said I'd post it Monday but the internet over here has been extremely slow *sigh* well can't be helped I suppose so please read and feel free to share your thoughts, opinions, and idea's :)

                                                                      Chapter 1
                                                                      My Story
I suppose I should start by summing up my childhood and who I am. My name is Cathrine Weatherbane. I’ve lived in the mountains all my life. At least that’s what Nana says. She’s not really my Nana but she raised me all on her own and was just like a real grandmother to me. My first memories begin when I was four and Nana Amelia took me took me down the mountain to the village. There she showed me the festivals and bazaars. I had a grand time. But when I turned six, I was lost in the town crowds and Nana has never let me go down since though I sometimes sneak a visit when she’s asleep.

My existence has been shrouded in mystery for as long as I can remember. Nana has never told me anything about my real parents or where I come from. But I’ve always known I didn’t belong here. Tomorrow will be my 16'th birthday. Nana still hasn’t told me anything. But today I found a  picture of a lovely young woman in the drawer of her bureau and it certainly is not Nana...the lady looked nothing like her. I'd like to think the woman is my mother but I don't have any proof that she is, and Nana won't say straight yes or no.

It started as a normal afternoon. Nana was in our small kitchen fixing tea and I was in my room getting ready for my party. Nana always gave me a party on my birthday. I was just finishing putting up my hair when I heard several loud knocks at the front door.        “That’s strange” I thought for no one ever came to our cottage. I could hear pots and pans clanging in the kitchen and I wondered if Nana was just as flustered. I quietly exited my room. I heard a boys voice saying, “I wish to see Miss Weatherbane. Is she
here?” Nana stuttered a bit trying to collect herself, “Oh…n… no I.” Just then the whistle on the tea went off and Nana excused herself. I took the chance and went over to the door. “I’m Miss Weatherbane did you want to see me?” The boys mouth dropped open and his eyes went wide when he saw me.  I rolled my eyes. I wasn’t interested in boys and I was used to this expression. I received it a lot in town because while most of the villagers have dark hair, brown or black eyes, and tan complexions, I had long wavy blond hair, dark blue eyes, and pale skin with natural pink cheeks. Also even though I’ve spoken this language all my life I have a foreign accent. “Sir?” I said giving him some incentive to speak. He pulled himself together. “Sorry it’s just you look just like her.” I raised an eyebrow, “just like who?” “Oh, I can’t tell you yet. But how would you like to know who you are?” I gave him a suspicious glare, “I’d like to. But who are you and how do you know about me?” “That doesn’t matter, but if you want to know, then meet me in the outskirts of the village this evening.” And with that the boy hurried off and to my distress Nana had just returned from the kitchen. Her mouth went dry and she tried to fumble out a few words “Catty” (that’s what Nana calls me) “Catty what are you doing here?” I thought about telling her the truth. But then maybe I wouldn’t ever find out who I was so for the first time I thought up a lie. “The door was open. I thought I’d close it.” Nana sighed with relief. “Was somebody here?” Nana smiled weakly. “No need to worry your pretty head my darling it was nothing.” I feigned a smile. “Okay Nana.” I skipped up the steps to my room wondering at her secrecy. “Tea’s ready and the tarts will be out soon go and wash up my love.” My ears pricked. Why was that so familiar? Morning passed and I decided I would stay considering I knew nothing of this boy. And Nana would miss me. So instead I decided to go into Nana’s room and see the picture of the lovely lady. But this time the picture was on Nana’s desk and there was something else too, a beautiful silver heart-shaped locket with a smaller blue heart in the middle for decoration. I fingered it for awhile till finally I       

plucked up the nerve to open it. There was a little poem inside but nothing else. I sighed, as I carefully unfolded the tiny paper

A little locket in an apron pocket
And a poem for a clue
Take this now and remember me
For I’ll always remember you
                 ~Anastasia Weatherbane

That was my last name. Was she my mother? I was growing frantic with curiosity. What had Nana been hiding all these years. But there were no more clues to my past and I had a burning desire to know more. I knew now I had to go see the boy. Without thinking I stuffed the necklace in my apron pocket and dashed to the door. I closed my eyes and took a breath as I stepped out. Maybe I could finally know my heritage. I was practically in hysterics with all my excitement!
 I’d just made it to the outskirts before the boy…(why hadn’t I asked his name?) had left. He kicked up his shoes to meet me. “Come with me the man who’s going to tell you everything is just over here.” I hesitated. “I’m not sure I should.” I was beginning have second thoughts about this strange boy. “Of course you should. Don’t you want to know about yourself?” “Of course but…” “But you don’t know if you want to anymore. It’s okay the guy just wants you to know the truth.” “No I think I…hmph.” A hand was placed roughly over my mouth as I was dragged away. “Sorry…,” the boy apologized “I didn’t want to do it honest” I just glared at him but he really did look sorry. A gag was tied over my mouth and I was thrown into the back of a wagon. “Why was I being kidnapped!?” 

Chapter 2 will hopefully be ready by next Monday.

Yours Truly

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  1. Great job! :) Can't wait til the next part!

    1. Thanks so much Jess!
      I'm really excited about this book
      I'm hoping to post a new part each Monday
      or Tuesday whichever works best ;)
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      Poem Girl

  2. That's a good story! i really like it, and I hope you post the next part soon!


    1. Dear Piano,

      Thanks! The next part will hopefully be
      up by Monday unless either the internet's
      not working or I'm really busy then I'll
      try for Tuesday.

      Your Friend
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