Saturday, July 6, 2013

Header Challenge!

Hmmm...I see I've got so much to write about so much expected such as the contest results that I feel pretty upset at myself for disregarding all duty for pleasure...because yes I'm just not up to announcing all that business related business...sorry for that but...I'm sure I'll get it done tomorrow :) and anyways you can't blame me it's late enough as it is and yes...well I guess you get the picture.

But I will settle for a little business so I can clear up the whole header deal I have going in this post.
So I know what I said before about me choosing a header and putting it on my blog along with credit to the maker but I've decided to alter add some spice and whatnot to catch the interest of you lovely people.

Here it is...
I challenge you blog designers to pick a theme from the following and try to make a header for it!
Map out your design ahead of time think about what you like best, will it take too long to find the picture's for it? Am I going to have a boarder and if so what's the boarder going to be? Figure out how you're gonna work it and start!
 Give it that special touch that makes it just that much more professional looking achieve a new best! 
Last but most certainly not least Have fun, it's never as exciting or enjoyable
when it becomes a chore or a "big deal" rather than just seeking to enhance your skills and earn a little perks on the side (but more on that later)

*Nautical: a sea themed header boats, ocean, ect...
*Vintage: All things old and cute
*Summer: Go as summery as you can get! But be wary of making it too busy
*Simple:*Can you pull off no pictures and go for the simple elegance?
*Watercolor Art:Artistic watercolor themed header 
*Travel: Pick a beautiful place and design your header around it

 Don't forget when you're finished with your header to give a link to it in the comments if you think you have time or just like the challenge you can even pick multiple themes but don't mix them...each will have a very bright chance of appearing on my blog along with full credit to them and their blog buttons added to side of my blog as before and if you care to oblige I'd love it if you also included why you accepted the challenge and I'll post that right along :D

If you'd like to spread the word leave a link to this post on your blog along with your header entry and I might even have a button to this post put up soon and you can put that up too...though that's sort of hanging right now. 

Happy Designing :D


  1. Ok so is the header for your blog or do we make up a blog??

  2. Oh, I suppose it could be for a made up blog
    or it could be for this one or even if you really want to
    for The Authors Club (My other blog)
    Your Friend

    1. OK because I was a little confused because I had all ready made one for your blog in the last post you did... So, i guess I should just make one for a made-up blog!?! what do you think is best?

  3. I think what you said sounds good go ahead and make
    another one for a made up blog but hey, when you leave a link to it
    in this post don't forget to leave the link for the Summer one in it as
    Thanks for entering :)
    Your Friend

    1. Ummmmm OK, here is the one I made for you before:

      This is the made-up one:

  4. entry for this contest! When does it end?