Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Hey All You Blog Designers

I would like someone to design a  Summer header and button for me. I get that this is short notice but my regular is going to be very busy so I thought maybe I could do this, if any of you are willing to help me out here then please post the header and button on a post on your blog and send me the link in comments. I'm going to give this a week...and if no one responds I'll have to go around and request something special...
oh, and if you can't do this for me because you're Summers packed or something else maybe you could recommend me to a really good designer.

Oh, yeah the perks are if I like your header and button I'll let people know you designed them and put your button on the side of my blog. 

Here are some idea's for the theme...

Thanks ahead of time!


  1. Natalia (http://elantheblog.blogspot.com/) is an amazing designer her store is: https://elandesigns.squarespace.com/



  2. OH I'd love to do one! I'll get right to it =)

  3. Here is the link: http://mycontestentries.blogspot.com/2013/07/sarahs-header-button.html

    I hope you like it! To be honest I think that that was the funnest header I made! LOL, I made it very bright & Summery...

  4. Would love to help with this, because I enjoy designing graphics...unfortunately time won't permit right now!
    However, on a random note, I just found your blog and have to say it's quite adorable! Looking forward to reading more!

    -Leah Kathryn

  5. Hey Leah,
    Thanks so much for that I always love it when I'm introduced
    to someone new on my blog. I just checked out your blog and am
    in love with it you are an excellent writer, song writer, ect...
    I just loved your blog design it was breathtaking.
    Your Friend