Wednesday, July 17, 2013

My letter to the library...and other stuff

Dear Library,
       I miss you so much has it really been a full four weeks since I last walked through your doors to pick up some random book that may or may not be has! My book loving side to me is caving with longing to grasp unfamiliar, exciting, and adventurous pages! But...I'll have to wait a little longer I'm afraid and in the meantime you'd better fill up with some more books because I'm pretty sure I'll soon have read all your good ones.....and that's another thing; why don't you have more good books? It seems like all the books I want to read are in the library hours away and YOU have the ones I don't care about...but well yes. Anyways I guess that's all see you soon as I can :D
                                                                                                                                               Yours Truly

Yeah I guess that was kind of random and I didn't really need to write it but it's been on my mind and so I just took it...and posted it. Aaaaanyways, I've got some more goodies for you! 
Two art pieces and the next part of me and Brittney's story yay :D

If you guys liked my previous Marin sketches than you'll probably enjoy these.

Soooo which do you like better? Me, I can't decide but then I'm the artist and an artist has a special affection for all her pieces...except for the mess ups!

Now the story....

By: Brittney

“Hosea?” I called out the back of our cottage, “Are you done yet?”
I saw him stick his head through the door, “Almost,” He said and then after a pause he asked, “I still don’t understand why me and my friends are doing this for you!”
“ Well that’s a silly question,” I said with a cheesy smile and then I walked up to him and gave him a hug before he could back up, “You’re helping me because you’re my sweet little brother.”
I rubbed his head with my knuckles.
He winced and then awkwardly patted me on the back, “Ya, I guess that’s the reason.”
I just smiled at him sweetly.
“We’re done Janna,” I heard a rough voice from outside the door. I swung open the door to see all of Hosea’s friends dressed up in armor. I tried to stifle a giggle at how goofy they looked. Hosea’s friend Trevor was a short stocky fellow and his armor was too long and too tight on him. Gregory his other friend was tall but way too skinny and he had to tie his belt very tight to keep the armor from falling off. Firiel, Hosea’s other friend seemed to fit the suit pretty well but his sandy blond hair fell over his eyes in a very unprofessional way. Hosea’s suit of armor fit him perfectly and his neatly trimmed hair and green eyes looked very handsome. I smiled at the thought of him maybe one day being a knight, but I knew well enough that knights were only nobles.
“Well…” I said after looking them over, “You’re an awkward group that’s for sure…. But I think you’ll be able to manage.”
I gave them a smile for encouragement.
“Now are you ready?” I asked.
They all nodded their heads uneasily.
“Don’t worry you’ll be fine,” I reassured them.
“Now let’s go meet Jasper with the carriage and then we will go pick up the princess! Remember now we must convince the king you guys are real guards. So keep your chins up, walk straight, and mind your manners!”
“ Let’s go!” I hollered. We all started off marching towards the stables.

This shall be interesting…

By: Me

It was a little unsettling when I saw the group of sorry looking boys before me and I thought, “How are we ever going to convince the king that these are royal guards.” But either the King was blind or very tired because he went with it and within the space of ten minutes the coach was filled and I was racing off towards a week of perfect freedom!

Janna laid back in her seat and smiled. “This is excellent, I knew with our brilliance we would figure something out.”

I sighed and glanced out the window as I often did when I was in a carriage. “Yes I know…it’s just…I can’t believe we…did it. No mistakes no hitches it seems way to good to be true.”  Janna rolled her eyes and leaned back.

“Don’t be so paranoid first you were worries that something would happen and now you’re worried because something didn’t; maybe sometimes things just go your way without trouble.”

I fiddled with my dress a bit before replying. “…maybe, but then maybe something will go wrong…later.”

“You worry too much, don’t worry things will be fine you’ll see. You can just be Scarlet Wilcox for now forget you’re a princess and just enjoy yourself.”

I sighed I knew only to well how hard that was going to be considering whenever my dreams came the closest I would drift farther away into my worry, such is the way of paranoid me.

I was quite relieved when we finally reached Janna’s house and her friend…Jasper handed me out. “Don’t let Janna get you into trouble.” He says as he gets back into the drivers seat

“What me?” She replied innocently putting on a smile.

“You do have a habit of getting yourself and others into sticky situations.”

“What…I do not!”

“Um…..this is a very nice conversation and all but you seem to be attracting attention.”

“Yes…and I suppose I do need to be going. Ado princ…uh I mean Scarlet.” And with that he tipped his hat and road off leaving me once more to my ponderings of what could possibly lay ahead…still little knowing the danger I was soon to encounter…

Thanks for reading!

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