Friday, July 19, 2013


It's Ani once again. I feels like I haven't posted in forever!
  Anyways, so over the months I have taken quite a lot of photos of birds so I thought I would show some.
                                      I took this picture at the zoo. I had to zoom in all the way to get it.
                                  Swans are so beautiful aren't they! (Though I hear they're quite viscous.)

                                           I reedited the photo to make it look more fanciful. This version is Poem                                           Girl's favorite, but mine is the one up above. :)

                                         One day I decided to just go outside and just take as many photos as possible,                               this is one of them. That dove was so silly. It just sat on the wire by itself and once in a  while it would turn it's head to the side....... it was kind of cute. :-)  
                                         A few months ago I looked out the window and saw a Canadian goose            standing on my neighbor's gazebo, it was watching all the others ducks swim. It kind of looked like he thought he was King over all of them or something. It was very funny. hehehe :-D
                                          Finches are soooooo pretty! Especially the yellow ones! For one week we saw them every where and now it's like we never see them. Well, I just have to wait till next year. :-)
I saw this bird at the zoo too, but I couldn't manage to get a photo where the bird was in focus because, we were kind of in a hurry at the time. Oh, and for some reason I can't remember it's name! hehehe
Here's another finch taken around the same time as the other one. 
And yet another finch. There was so many out that day.(The photos a bit blurry because I had to zoom in all the way and my hands were shaky.)
This is a crane. I took this picture out of our sliding door that faces the backyard. It was really tricky to get, but I was happy to catch the crane making a sort of eight with his head and beak. 
                               This is the same crane, but I took this one without flash that's why the water looks bluer.
                                  (If you look closely the crane looks like it's doing the evil eye.)
                                     Well, that's all. Hope I didn't bore you with all the pictures. :-)


  1. Nice pictures! The swans are so pretty! :)

  2. Not bored at all, in fact the opposite. These pictures are really enjoyable, very good, thanks for posting them. The swan neck into an "eight" what a catch. Love them all, such a slice of life.