Friday, July 19, 2013

Once Upon a Time...An Artists Memoirs

I started drawing...

*This is the collected memoirs of an artist her thoughts on it and then some. I guess you could say this was brought on by the fact that I just went through yet another drawing notebook.*

I've been drawing for as long as I can remember back when I thought teardrop eyes looked nice with three lines sticking out of them for lashes, back when fingers were sticks and rings were just lines through those the point where I thought large oval heads looked get the picture since I was veeerrry little.
 I wanted to be an artist long before I touched the keys of a keyboard in preparation for writing 
I didn't need to write I told my stories through pictures (even though they weren't very good back then but you'll see later) I had great plans to one day be at least as good as my oldest sister Rachel (You didn't know I had a sister older than Liz did you?) or even mom (she's a brilliant artist!)

But I didn't know how long it would take for me to ever go beyond just what I thought was okay but no one else in their right minds would like...I wanted to know that my art would actually mature and grow that as I got older it would improve but I was moving so slow I felt like I'd never get better now I look back and laugh at my old drawings I'm not yet at an age were I can appreciate them but I do now recognize them as something more than something I should have thrown away ages ago (Thanks Liz for keeping me from tossing them) I see them as proof of my achievements I still haven't reached my skill goal yet but I can now honestly say I'm much better than I've ever been before maybe even almost mom good, I'm no longer relying on copying others I can make a decent picture with my own unique *squeal!* 

I'm no longer trying to be as good as someone else I'm content and yet...I'm not done yet there's still so much to learn I'll continue to study the art of others and to take from my lessons what I can. I thank God for blessing me with the patience to continue drawing even when I felt like I'd never get any better. Writing may now be my future career plan but art will always be very dear and precious to me and I hope that I can continue telling stories through them for as long as Live.

 My Gallery though time

 By far not my oldest drawing but...we're having our floor redone and so the basements off-limits until finished and that's where my portfolio's are, thankfully I had some notebooks stored in my room that go back a ways, this was the Oval head years and believe me it was a lot bigger before like her head was huge and her body tiny!

 This is a little later still not very good...sorry I don't know how old I was when I did these because I never date my drawings...*sigh* (colored by one of my sisters)

 This was back in the days when we got into sewing and stuff...I was never very good at it so we quit pretty early on and anyways this was just me pretending I was a fashion designer designing a new line for "Simply Sarah's Fashion Boutique" I think I was like 8 or 9 maybe.

The tall years...I was trying to improve things and ended up coming up with tall people :) it's not to bad really it shows my progression...*giggle* see how I used to draw buns.

This is Guinevere my forest princess she was from forest, fire, and ice series :) 
You can see it's looks a lot like my current style.

And here's today!

This has been a moment with Gallery Through Time.

Let's send off this Sketchbook with style, Ado

It's been a good eight months :D 

One final thing before I say my last goodbyes :) 
Here's an unfinished watercolor drawing by my gifted mother...

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