Thursday, September 12, 2013

In Which I Randomly Ramble On

I can't say that this is going to be a very organized post...but then I don't always know what I'm going to post when I press the 'new post' icon sometimes I get stuck deciding what to write . If it was just art I could have endless posts but art isn't exactly what you guys like to see everyday on here right? And if...I were to convert The Author's Club into an art blog...would you guys follow?

Anyways back on topic, I....have one weight off my shoulders and that is the contest results for The make a postcard and Book cover contest I the Summer, sorry for being so late on it! And you guys remember the header contest thingy I had going up earlier this year....I'm sorry I had to call that one off do to not to many entries and total extreme busyness, I feel pretty bad about the unreliable way I've been lately I feel pretty bad...The poetry contest....I think I'll have to drop that one off too, I haven't had a single entry for it and I've decided if I don't get at least one by Monday I'm going to pull it off...if you want to enter here's the link --->

Now I know you guys love the "My Life Posts" and the reason I haven't been posting them as much is because my life has slowed considerably to a rather uninteresting pace that I didn't think it worth writing to you about but...I figure letting you guys know whats been going on down here will clear up a bit of why I haven't been posting so much.

So here it is...We've been so busy with painting, and all those other Home fixing good stuff that I haven't gotten out as much and we still have the whole upstairs to finish painting plus we have to paint the outside of the house (it's sorely in need of it!) and not getting out means not so inspired and while I have been on the computer quite often and made several attempts to post something I never feel like it's....well inspired, it felt dry and uncreative and I deleted at least 40% of the ones I started and another 50% was nothing at all so that leaves the 10% which was the stuff that actually made on my blog. 
Hmm not quite interesting is it? 
Well now you're probably wondering why I never said anything about my vacations...truth is once they were over...I was so mentally and physically exhausted that I never got around to putting the pictures on the computer or taking the time to post about it and by the time I was back to my usual, perky writing self it was long past the time we'd been gone and the vacation was no longer fresh in my mind.

The one you guys know most about took place in gorgeous South Dakota! I haven't been there in ages since it's such a long time to get there, we hiked up Mount Harney (Which I promptly dubbed Mt. Hernia before even hiking...because they said it would take three hours...I was both exited and unsure...of what to feel, I mean three hours is a lot of time to be hiking!) My first reaction upon arriving was sheer awe...the gorgeous tall tree's, the hills and mountains, the shimmering lakes! It was breath taking!

(Pictures by Ani)

She took a lot more later on (these are just the first day) but she never got them on the computer. 
I believe when we were first driving up threw Custer Park I said, "It's so beautiful I could cry!" and I was just staring out in awe drinking it all in whilst my ears were popping from high altitudes. 

Of course we had to see Mt Rushmore and all those other wonderful sites and we tried to do everything we could in the time we had it was fantastic...well except for towards the end of the trip I got sick...sour throat, headache, dizziness, cough, that sort of thing and mom was sick too but we didn't let it get us down...too bad... :) it was fun!

Soooo, we got home, we recovered we got back into routine and two weeks later... *BAM*Church Retreat! And wow was it the warmest and funnest one ever, I got to know some of the people from our church better and work my way ever so slightly a little more out of my shyness, I mean those girls I was with the whole time were so nice and easy to talk to, M was the sweetest and kindest, and Katie, well Katie's awesome! Bella continued to be a wonderful true friend and was there to talk to me when I was by myself, I must say I have some pretty great friends and I thank the Lord for them. 

God has really been working in my life lately and thinking about him makes me so happy I could sing, he's constantly there and I feel him in my life, I am learning things I didn't know before, understanding in a way that is so different from before. 

So there you go a very long post to make up for the lack of other posts :)

P.S. If you have any suggestions for drawings I'd appreciate it a lot...and if you;d like me to do a commission for you I'd be very happy,  also check out Abilaine's new Art Blog if you haven't already it's full of great drawings! --->


  1. I like the drawing,I think it's my favorite of yours!! The bow's cute!

    1. thank you :) I drew her awhile ago
      along with another character but I never
      had a reason to post it and in this post I was
      like, "awe well, Hope for on track posts I guess"
      lol anyways thanks for commenting :)
      Your Friend

  2. I think it would be great if you did both art and stories at your author blog. But maybe change the name around a bit because of the change of posts that would be on it ... :)

    WOW! Sounds like a bunch of fun. Would so love to go and see South Dakota. LOL! Loved the "Mount Hernia" thing. hehehehe! =D
    Sad you got sick. :(

    May God Bless you. I'm so glad the Lord is working in your life. He has been working in mine as well ... making me see what is really important. :)

    OK, since I did not get around to asking you to draw something, I'll just do it now. :) Would you draw something from your life ... something you do most often. :D
    I know, a bit of a weird request but still!


    AWES! Thank you so much fro mentioning me. :) Made my heart melt into overly-emotional pudding. LOL!

    1. Ooooh, I think I could do that :)

      Yeah that's what I was thinking I could switch my art to over there and the overload of stories that brim over the edge of this blog bowl as well but what would I call it?

      Glad you liked my post it took a lot longer than I expected and consisted of everything I thought it wouldn't...last time I try to post something before bed ;)hahaha

      Your Friend and Fellow Artist