Wednesday, August 28, 2013

3 Year Blog-O-Versary, Mark Your Books!

Hello once again, I'm here with an extra special post for an extra special day as it says above we are now celebrating the 3 Year  Blog-O-Versary of Poetic Meditations {pause for applause}-{just kidding} 
but yep 3 years today maybe not the exact time because that was on a Saturday and pretty...wait I actually remember what day of the week it was?! Without checking?! Yeah I guess I do hmm guess I'm meticulous with dates and never even new it, {just joking here, it wasn't hard to remember considering} anyways to celebrate I'm going to do a bunch of really fun cool things that you guys like!

That's right....Poetry,Contests,Stories,, .....and Art because I like it :) 
So let's get started shall we :)art

Dreams #2
When you think of dreams, What  comes to mind?

Wispy, lovely, slip through your fingers 
Humorous, Dangerous, Superhero singers?!

Running, Leaping, Getting away,
Flying, Dancing, Lovely array.

Beautiful story you long to recall,
The enemy standing intimidating, tall.

The chivalrous hero, The princess, Ordinary girl,
For some reason the palace is made of chocolate swirl?

What kind of dreams do you remember I wonder?

The contest shall be that of the poetry kind so sharpen your pencils...or your um...polish your keyboard? 


1. You must post the poem on your blog and put the link comments 
2.Only one entry per participant!
3. Put the contest button on the side of your blog 


1. Poem, topic of your choice dedicated to you
2. Appearance in my new book Rion Drayden
3. Header and button designed by me
4. Suggest my next art piece.

Due Date:

Rion Draden preview {this story will be making it's appearance on The Authors Club}

"16 year old Rion Drayden, was the second son of Lord Garrick Drayden. When his father announced he was going abroad for a year and didn't wish to be called back before under any circumstances except death he decided he'd take a little vacation of his own incognito to the far away village of Bernshire to try and find his childhood friend Ellen but, but finding her isn't as easy as he'd thought, after running into countless problems and troubles will he find her?"

Here's my final piece thanks for reading :)

It would have been longer but.....I have to go out and mow before it gets to hot, 91  degree's seriously that's warmer than it's been all Summer...


  1. OH MY! You must be excited about 3 years of blogging. :D
    I will try to enter the poem thingy contest but I am not that good at poems. :) hehe!

    Ooh! The new story sounds great. Ellen is so beautiful. :0
    Love the pictures you did for it, and your style of art is amazing. Adore the way you intertwine word through the tree and at the bottom of the tree in the last one.
    It shows your love for poem writing and drawing as well. :)

    1. Can't wait to see you poem :D
      Glad you like them I love your art style so much
      it means a lot to hear you like mine. :)
      Your Friend

  2. P.S. Um... you request on my Abilaine Cottage blog has been accepted. :) Would adore to re-draw your picture. So very excited about doing it!!
    Thanks so very much for asking. :)

    1. Oh, I'm so excited,
      I really can't wait to see it :D
      Your Friend

  3. Sounds like fun! I may just have to enter. :)
    Congrats on 3 years!

  4. Please do I'd love to hear it.
    Your Friend

  5. I awarded you!!!! Go grab you award here

    Have a great day and God bless


  6. HEY! Um ... do you think you could send me the original picture that you want me to re-draw?!?! If it not too much trouble. :D I can never seem to draw anything very well unless I have a large scale picture.

    My email is --



  7. I'll ask if not then...I can always post it in it's original
    size on my blog and send you the link?
    Your Friend

    1. Oh my, thank you so very much Sarah.
      Now that I have got a better look at the pic I can see why you were proud of the way it turned out. It is geogeous!!
      Will do my best to re-draw it. :D

      God Bless,