Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Once Upon a Time...a poem

Once Upon a Time 

Once upon a time,
The story begins,
We meet our hero,
And the tale spins.

The hero sets out,
The adventure is told,
A quest is announced,
Hero be bold!

 The plot builds,
Excitement grows,
The twists and turns,
Uncertainty shows. 

Things look bleak, 
To much at stake,
The hero wonders, are there...
Any happy endings left to take.

Just as all seems lost,
Something changes,
Turns the tables,
And rearranges.

 Finally everything is done
The tale is over though my mind is still spinning
The page says The End but...
It's only the beginning.


  1. Hey, I know that I am TERRIBLY late in doing this ... but I just remember you asked if you could draw me something. *awkward*
    I kept meaning to comment and tell you, but always seemed to not go to your blog and do it. LOL! Sorry.
    So to get on with it, could you please create a girl character for me?!?! Her hair needs to be very curly and long, and she slightly plump (slightly). She needs to be dressed in hunting clothes with a bow in her hand. Can you do it?!?! =D

    (what am I asking?!?! Oh course she (Sarah) can!! she is the best!!! =D hehe!)

    Thank you so much, and I am sorry for taking SOOOOO long to respond to your very sweet offer. :P

  2. I'll be glad to, this sounds like a fun challenge!