Friday, September 13, 2013

All Done

So The Author's Club is now.....The Artistic Writer.
I assure you this change was completely necessary it should help me manage things a little more neatly plus I was already going over what to do with a blog and no writers I wasn't sure I could even maintain two blogs but now I've found an alternative route to tossing it. I'll use it for the overflow of stories from here and go ahead and do all my art contests, commissions, and just plain art pieces over there, it's perfect. 
Though all my art related things will be centered around "The Artistic Writer" I'll still accept commissions on here and leave a message for you with a link to your piece on "The Artistic Writer" oh, yeah and from this point on we can refer to it here as "The sister blog" or "TheAW" just to shorten and simplify things. 
Well what do you think :D

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