Thursday, March 10, 2016

In which Cathrine is on her own

Drawing by me

                                                                        Chapter 20
The Line of Trust Thins 
I can't say that this is the way I would have picked things to go, but this is how they went. After the meal and everyone went to bed I found myself thinking more and more about how strange my life had become, me being a princess (how cliche), an evil regent making everyone's life terrible, and here I was, little old me who only a month ago could only dream of having an adventure, all of this felt like something out of a storybook and I was caving under a massive burden that nobody knew I had. How was I supposed to find my mother and put a stop to this man who'd committed such treason when I myself barely knew anything about the politics of my own country, even if I managed to find my mother, what would change? If she'd been able to throw him off the throne why hadn't she done it yet, come to think of it...why was I here...I was standing in line to find myself at the headsman's ax, I was terrified! 
 I consoled myself for a moment with the thought that my friends would always be there to help me and surely one of them would come up with some kind of friends...Rolic, I already trusted him and yet I knew nothing about him, Ariella didn't trust him, Ariella who was clever and smart, but then Lissie did seem to trust him...even seemed to know his secret, but whatever it was neither she nor he seemed inclined to share, but why should she trust him on the account of a girl who once considered herself the best of the best, above everyone else...she seemed different now, now that Ariella was gone, why was she suddenly so contrite? I wondered if maybe she was feeling guilty...but why would she feel guilty? That was it, I couldn't sit still any longer, I decided at that moment that the best course of action would be to leave the only people I had, and seek out Ariella on my own, 
I couldn't risk a betrayal not yet, I couldn't trust these people no matter how much I wanted to, Ariella so far was the only person to share some real insight into her life, she was the only person who wasn't keeping secrets (at least that she knew of). So here I was my few possessions in hand on a dark road, hoping beyond home that I'd run into her...and not trouble.

[sorry this chapter is so short, still trying to figure out what I want to happen. This story is currently my practice piece, I know it's kinda bad and full of mistakes and plot holes but I'm still going to try to finish it, even fill in a few of those holes in the process, but keep in mind I will (when this is finished) rewrite the story and hopefully it will be better because I was able to learn from this experience]

Lots of Love
Sarah Gracen

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