Monday, March 14, 2016

Art Thoughts

So I've been thinking about art lately and going through my old sketchbooks, it's quite a journey and brings back lots of good memories. While sifting between the different drawings there's one thing that struck style is still changing. That thought kept coming to me over and over again and I remembered how I'd once been under the impression that I was settled, it's funny how art can continue to change and grow in such different ways, so I can look back as far as 4 years and still say it looks good even though it's older though not quite as good.

I can't say I've ever been particularly interested in finding my own style, I just liked to draw and so that's what I did. Eventually I started using references and trying new things and gradually I got better, then something started to happen; I could see some individuality in my art and it made me so happy, I thought I'd hit the mark, without even trying I'd developed a unique look! So from there I decided the best thing to do would be to keep improving my look, things could only get better right?
I suppose I stuck to my goals for awhile, but then...I took a break. Let me just say breaks can be dangerous, you're continuing to see and admire art whilst not creating any yourself, unknowingly you're collecting different idea's and overwriting previous ones, gradually you start to loose bits and pieces of what your art used to be; so when I got started again, what came out was slightly different from before, and slowly but surely it started changing more and more till it became what it is now.

 So in summary, my art has changed, and is still changing, I look forward to improving and growing in it for the years to come.

I hope you didn't mind those little ramblings, was a mess I know.

Lots of Love
Sarah Gracen


  1. Mean't to comment earlier!! These are epic! I adore each one. You have such flair and style to them. I can see your improvement as well. BRAVO!

  2. Thanks Abilaine, I can see improvent in your style as well! You make the cutest drawings!!!