Friday, March 11, 2016

Cathrine Weatherbane: Character Drawings

Cast of Characters


 Cathrine Weatherbane
Age: 16
Eyes: Saphire
Hair: Blonde, wavy
Height: 5'4

 Ariella Svane
Age: 17
Eyes: Deep Brown 
Hair: Dark Brown, very curly
Height: 5'5

 Lissie (Swan?)
Age: 15
Eyes: Light brown
Hair: Chesnut, straight
Height: 5'2

Rolic (???) 
Age: 18
Eyes: Light blue, 
Hair: Dirty blond, messy
Height: 5'7

and as a bonus here's a group drawing of them by Aria . Thanks again Aria!!!


Lots of Love
Sarah Gracen

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