Saturday, June 28, 2014

His "Richness"

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          Chapter 19
In the Throne Room

His "Richness" slouched on "his" throne smiling an ugly self-satisfied smile, his eyes boring down at on the defiant dirty girl before him, "Thought you could escape from my palace did you Princess." The Brenian glared at him.

"Did you really think I wouldn't try, REGENT Fredric."

His smile disappeared from his face he hated that title now and she knew it, he had bigger plans. He was going to be King! So far he had to settle for His Richness but one day when he had both those so called royals then he would have what he 
"Try all you like, you'll only succeed in making your stay here a longer and more unpleasant one, after all I hardly need you anymore, I've got a better princess in mind now. The only reason your still here living somewhat decently is because I owed a favor to someone, an old thieving friend of mine. He steals for me and I keep his precious daughter living the high life which also happens to help line his very big pockets with silver." 
He chuckled as he said this because at the moment, that daughter wasn't living so high. 
"Ungrateful brat didn't like being a princess though and got away, now HE wants me to ship her back there so the silver will start flowing again.
This actually happens to work in my favor though."

He tapped his fingers on the wood table in front of him as he leaned his head forward. 
"The girl happens to be very close with my lost little princess, so a few messages forged in her hand and a little help from her thief daddy, we'll soon have two princesses in this place...and in return I'll have the thief's girl dragged back to Bren by her hair."

Arillia could hardly say anything she was so angry, she struggled against her guards as they dragged her away, "You'll never be king REGENT! You'll always be a cockroach and one day someone will step on you!"

"Rant all you like, the point is, you're living situations can easily be changed with no one to care, one more misstep and you might find yourself in the pit."

The doors slammed as she was taken from the room. Fredric looked down at his papers proof that everything wasn't going quite as well as he'd planned, a little hitch in his road to royalty if you will.
"Now for the boy...."

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Chapter 2

           (Drawn and Edited by Me) 

I admit I'd picked up the book by accident while looking for a finished but unpublished book by one of my favorite authors Linda Stratus...the manuscript was supposed to be on that shelf but in my hurry I'd picked up, "The Unofficial Official Story of Plee Ames" instead, an unfinished 
Fictional story by some author I'd never even heard of (after some extensive research I'd done much later on I'm not even certain she ever existed) at first I wasn't too upset I'd accidentally purchased the wrong book, the title had peaked my interest and despite it being only a manuscript  it had a very ornate cover...even the couple sentences before the first chapter were kinda cool if a little weird,

"My name is Plee Ames, but being that this book is unfinished that's liable to change by the time it is finished, so I wouldn't grow too attached to it nor would I put any stock in it. Because as far as I know the story has gone and finished itself by now and I already have a different name. Stories are unpredictable especially when they aren't bound within the pages of a book."

I didn't have long to ponder what on earth that meant though because before long I'd realized that only two pages were filled and the rest were...blank.
I felt cheated I'd spent a weeks savings on it and it wasn't  even 10 pages long, who would bother putting such a nice cover on something that was only 2 pages.

I hadn't even wanted to read what it did have at the time...figuring it would be a waste.
But at sometime late that night I'd suddenly had an urge to just...Look at it, Maybe it would be enough to spur me on  to actually write my own book...who knew, maybe those 2 pages had enough in them to fuel my imagination.

So I'd crept over to where it was lying, on the floor by the wastebasket (I hadn't been able to throw it in even if I had been that upset) and carefully opened it...opened more than I'd intended, opened something I wouldn't have even   dreamed were possible...I just sat mouth agape as the words each flew from the two pages as I silently read them, swirling all around me till they began to stick together and take shape... and If my very real screams hadn't pervaded the silence I believe I could have maybe just passed it off as a dream...but it wasn't a dream and if I was right Plee Ames had just slipped out of her book...

Summer Dalton what have you gotten yourself into! 

Note: if you're curious as to what Summer chapter 1


Friday, June 13, 2014

Chapter 1

Okay, so most people read books and wish if only for a moment that they could enter the adventure too, meet the main character and become an important part to the overall completion of the quest.
 But me...well no, I read books...I read lots of books sure, I like books too don't get me wrong, but...I mean I live in a book, I'm the main protagonist, and I am supposedly important to the completion of the plot, however that was sort of debateable since mine was an unfinished story....
How did I know I was in a book, you ask, well that's kind of hard to explain, let's just say I was born knowing...I was also born knowing what a normal life the real world was like...and I had a feeling there was a reason I'd always never seemed to belong in this incomplete book...I had a feeling maybe the reason it was unfinished was because my story wasn't confined to these pages...maybe the rest of my ending, was waiting for me. Waiting on the outside, and all it would take to get there would be to get somebody to find my story and read up to this point you 

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

A delightful afternoon

That's precisely what it is. I'm lying on a picnic mat, outside with a book in my hands, me and Ani have finished our game of badminton and all is calm and peaceful.  It's just lovely :) 

Sorry for such a short post today. Maybe I'll have a longer one tomorrow.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Cheery Cherry Tree

My Cheery Cherry Tree
Cheery Cherry Tree 
Bend your branches down to me 
I want to pick your cherries red
To lighten your arms of their heavy spread
So I may enjoy your plentiful berries
And you can be free for a time from cumbersome cherries 

Monday, June 9, 2014

The Peculiar Place (part 1 The Poem of Beginnings)

I walked outside to get some air
But was surprised by what I didn't see there.

Nowhere was it to be found
It was gone without a sound.

My eyes bore down at where it should have sat
And saw something else very wide and flat.

What to make of it, I could not decide
So I got on my hands and knees near where it lied.

I pressed my face so close ere I was upon it
Pondering why it was here and why my thing was not.

Suddenly it opened up and in surprise I slid  forward falling in
Tumbling deeper and deeper in an uncontrollable spin!

I hit the ground with grunt and pulled myself to my feet
My entrance closed,worry descended on me, can you feel the heat?

Thursday, June 5, 2014

My Cheery Cherry Tree

Oh, wow, I haven't posted in foreeeeeeeeeeever. 
Can you believe that, I mean it's not that I didn't have things to talk about I had an over abundance actually, but I was never on the lappy (in case you didn't know lappy is my nickname for me and Ani's laptop). But hey I have a blog and when you have a blog you sort of have an obligation to post on it, so I'm going to try and be better at posting regularly alright...and commenting on other peoples blogs too...I can't tell you how many times I've had comments I wanted to leave but didn't get around to it, so yeah that too.

Anyways what's up over here...well currently I'm swatting an IRKSOME fly...but now it's gone...YAYA

My apologies, it was just so, so yeah back to what's up.
Mostly we've been going to graduations parties but we've also been doing other things,
like me and Ani have been playing badminton, perfect weather where we live, awwww it's just lovely....and very very hot...any very very wet...yay for rain! Our lake has recently started falling and we were scared it would disappear has once before and let me tell you it was not a pretty sight...sad time. A sad. Sad. Time. But if we get enough rain maybe we can keep it awhile longer. Oooooookay other than that....we had the day before Memorial Day and yes...Horses were rode :) 

Ani and Babe                                                                                                                                    Molly

And than of course there was Memorial day and that was great too.

 The lake: earlier and current :)

A little more recently I've been chatting with...THE FLY IS BACK....okay it's gone now, I've been chatting with my cousin Em...she's so awesomely awesome, you guys would love her. We're planning a get together sometime this year hopefully sometime this month or the next.

I've started a summer reading plan with the local library, which I highly look forward too!
I'm planning on going to see How to Your Dragon 2 maybe sometime...not next week since that would be like, the day it comes the week after that I'm sooo excited I put the date on my calendar at the beginning of the year...I just hope it's not a let down, because I already plan on buying it 
v  v
By the way, who else thinks the trailers gave waaaaaaay to much away?

Let's see what else....can't think of anything so I guess it's time to log out.

Tootles not Poodles

P.S. Think of the post title as a spoiler for a future poem