Saturday, May 4, 2013

In Which I Find Sewers a Useful Way of Breaking into Castles

By: Brittney

Me and Porsha peeked out from behind a pile of flour bags outside of the palace’s gates. Guards surrounded the whole palace.
"How can we get in unseen?' Porsha whispered to me, ‘and then when we do what shall I say? If my brother finds out that I was in the market alone, he’ll be so angry!”
“I don’t know about what you’re going to say, but I have an idea about how we can get in.” I said, “But I don’t think you’ll like it.”
“What is it?” she asked, ‘we must hurry!’
“the only possible way in without being seen would be through… the…uh…’
“The…?” Porsha said prodding me on.
“The sewer” I said wrinkling my nose.
Porsha made a discussed face and then sighed, “I guess we 'have' to do 'have' we got to do. But we must hurry, if I don’t show up soon my brother might blame your king for kidnapping me, you know how our countries don't trust each other!”
“You're right,” I said, “Come on I’ll show you the way to the opening.”

We turned a few corners until we came upon a smelly opening near the palace’s walls.
I plugged my nose, and pulled my wild red hair back over my shoulders so it wouldn’t get filth in it.
I looked over at Porsha who was looking at the sewage in disgust.
“Come on,” I said, “This tunnel leads up to the privy which is right across the hall from your room.”
“ All right, I hope this works.”

By: Me

I hoped it worked too my eyes and ears were already full of enough stink to kill an army and I didn't want to find out how long it took to kill a princess...uh stinks.

Finally we were able to get out of the sewage system and climb in through a sewage window not far from my room and you can be sure that I immediately took a bath and scrubbed so hard that when I came out Janna insisted I was redder than the color itself I merely shook my head and urged her to take a bath as well and as she did so I made my way to the throne room where I could see a very fat and very pompous looking man fuming atop a way overdecorated throne.

He turned his beet red face over to me and instantly it took on the expression of a calm and collected individual with all the grace and splendor or a skunk. "Why princess." He said folding his hands into each other with a smile so fake it could kill a puppy. "We have been looking all over for you, where have you been." 

"Oh, not far I was in the library." I lied, looking behind me where a guard was clearly wondering whether to arrest me or leave the room.

"Oh, go Jarvis can't  you see she's found, your false assumptions have caused much trouble amongst us."
The guard fled the room and I rolled my eyes. "Next time you leave your highness you might tell somewhere you are going so as to prevent so much worry." 

"Of course your highness." I said with my own fake smile. The king nodded with satisfaction in his eyes. "I'll have my ladies maid tell you." His smile dropped. 

"Well...yes, yes *ahem* that's fine." 

 I'd have to be more careful in future attempts I told myself  as I walked out to meet with Janna...

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