Tuesday, May 7, 2013

In Which I Find Out Something Shocking

By: Brittney

I walked down the palace’s corridor away from Princess Porsha’s room when Miss Barley stopped me.
“What do you think you are doing young lady!?!’ She asked her plump hands on her wide waist, “today is your day off.’
Miss Barley was the head maid of the castle and was in charge of all the other maids; she was often a great nuisance…. Make that all the time.
I rolled my eyes. “I was just checking in on the princess,’ was my blunt reply.
Miss Barley’s eyes scanned me critically as if I was a common criminal, ‘The Princess has been missing for a few hours, and the whole castle was in an uproar! I heard she had been in the Library the whole time, yet I had already checked that room.”
I gave Miss Barley a sly smile, “She probably was just taking a break to use the privy.” I said in a smart tone.
Miss Barley snorted, “and where were you then?’ She asked.
I cringed at all her questions; she was making me feel guilty for lying, ‘I just arrived a few moments prior to her recovery.” I said calmly.
Miss Barley looked over me again and then turned on her heels, “I don’t believe you Miss Janna! And believe me I’ll find out what you two girls have been up too and I’ll report it to the king! You can’t hide anything from me!”
I shivered and then ran down the stairs and out the palaces gate; I needed to get home before Hosea wondered where I was.
“I must tell Porsha about Miss Barley’s suspicions,” I thought to myself, “We must be more careful or else the king will know of Porsha’s lies, and that would not be good for the peace treaty…”

By: Me

As soon as we were safely in my chambers I told Janna what had taken place in the throne room and then she told me of her own time to which I wasn’t sure what to make of.
“I feel like a prisoner…even more than at home” I groaned.

“Well we’re going to have to get creative then.” Janna said decisively nodding her head. “I’ll do all I can so that you can escape this dingy old castle without those tyrants noticing.”

“But not today,’ I said thinking. ‘I have to attend a feast in less than an hour.”

“Alright then tomorrow, unless something prevents us.”

I nodded in compliance than frowned, “You’ll have to be at the feast to attend me…sorry.”

“That’s okay I can sneak notes to you that way.” I smiled.


The feast began promptly at 8 o'clock and it was at 8:30 that something truly terrible happened.

I looked down at my plate smiling as I read the slip of paper Janna had just laid on my plate, but just as I was about to write a reply on the other side the king thumped a huge hand on the hard wooden table.

“Friends and honored guests tonight I wish to tell you of the peace treaty I have signed with the Terabithian King.” I looked up confused, who didn’t know about that yet? Surely it had been told to all present before my arrival? The king began again, “In order to sustain the aforesaid treaty the King has offered his sister to be the wife of my son.”

He turned his red head over to the handsome youth who had just entered, and I could tell just by looking at his cocky face that he knew it.”

I gaped at the boy then his father and then whirled around to look at Janna who looked equally amazed. I was not going to marry that…that boy I had heard tales of Prince Charles and how he thought the world revolved around him.
This was preposterous, what was my brother thinking!!!

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