Saturday, May 4, 2013

In which Akira meets Layla and Lai

Layla of Aaaaaaaa! will be featured in today's exciting chapter.

Everything was colder today and I kept wondering who would come to the forest now that it was open again. Would anyone come at all? Or would nobody come and I'd have to come to them, but this was silly because I'd never left the forest and never would because I was somehow attached to it my wanderings were centered around it, but wasn't I the reason that the forest was locked in the first place, so it being opened again did that mean I was supposed to leave? Many questions stirred in my head and I decided to see Aggy she might know about this she'd been here when the forest was first closed so maybe she'd know why it was open now.

End of Chapter 1...
I turned to leave for Aggy's tree when suddenly I saw a pair of dark silhouettes ahead of me I slowly made my way up a nearby tree and perching on it I looked down to see what had caught my attention.

 Chapter 2
The Villagers

I suppose you could say that until this point I'd never seen another human being besides myself and Aggy and be absolutely correct though it seems silly to say it, so when I saw this girl and boy down below I was pretty shaken in fact I nearly lost my grip on the branch I was on which caused the people to look up and then they saw me. 

"You there in the trees, who are you?"  The girl called.

I opened my mouth to say something but closed it again deciding if I was going to speak to these people it would be best to do it in person so I jumped from my perch landing squarely in front of them and touched my finger to my forehead as is the traditional forest greeting. "I am called Akira...." I paused seeking the right words to follow it up. "The Wandering Forester."  it was rather a rough description but a plausible one. 

"I am Layla, and this is my brother Lai...The you live here?"
I nodded slowly. " I have never been able to leave." 

"Really." The boy cut in suspiciously.

"Yes." I replied curtly. "I wouldn't lie." 


"Quit it!" Layla nudged her brother aside. "Sorry my brother...reads to much." 

"That is not a bad thing." I looked behind me. "I...should probably ask why you are here." 

"Here? Why we're here to explore of course this place has been closed up for years!" Layla cried waving her arms in the air excitedly. "And now we have you to show us around, oh isn't this exciting!"

I held up my hand my hand for her to stop. "Sorry." The boy said now nudging the sister aside. "My sister...gets to excited." he emphasized the last part and she glared at him again but it wasn't long before she was smiling again. 

"Soooo...are you going to show us around." 

Suddenly I felt a wave pass over me. "You two." I gestured for them to get behind me. "Somethings coming, we should go we can talk at when we get to my tree." 

They followed anxiously behind both terribly unaware of the new danger that had just entered the forest.

Hey Layla I was thinking wouldn't it be cool if we wrote this one together how about you write the next part from Layla's point of view okay and then I'll follow it up with another chapter from Akira's sound good? Let me know in comments and I'll get a system set up :D  


  1. Yes, I would love that! Just tell me how you think that would work, I am open to just about anything! By the way, love this chapter:) Thanks so much for including me!


  2. Okay so you write Layla's part in my comments and then I'll post it along with Akira's part and so on and so forth got it? After I've published the post you can post it on your blog sound manageable? Let me know ASAP :) love this can't wait to see what your chapter looks like!
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    P.S. In your chapters be sure to put Layla's name on them so that people know who's part it is.

  3. Alright! I hope to get it to you tomorrow!!!!!!


  4. Great can't wait!
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