Friday, June 10, 2011

Poem on The Morningside Youth Trip to New Orleans

Dear Readers, Today I'm posting on a youth trip my sister went on this year I thought I'd share my opinion of it through this poem you can read about the missions trip Here. The photography for this post was done by my amazing photographer sister A.

2011 Missions Trip
They touched the lives of people they knew not
And preached his word and gave them hope to seek
And to the people who were never taught
They spread his word  to a place that was bleak
Hit by the flood their homes gone
My sister she went to show
Her love for him and Grace from him to them upon
And of his death to give us life and his resurection our hope and so
They go to love on him and to teach others to
Serve him his love and his pureness so true.

Yours Truly
Poem Girl.

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