Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Fathers Day

Dear Readers, as you probably know today is Fathers day the day where we celebrate our earthly fathers and our Heavenly father. it is clear that God is the greatest father and I love him more then any other person thing or anything of this life that is or ever shall be but now I'll tell you why my earthly father is special and how he has made an impact in my life this is for you dad.

1.My dad is a Christan and teaches me to Love the Lord
2.My dad is always willing to spend time with me
3.My dad is fun he likes to take me and my sisters on Adventures
4.My dad encourages me to read classics and write poetry
5.My dad is always willing to take time out of his Saturday to do bible study with us
6.My dad I simply a Wonderful father thank you for helping me in my life and for teaching me about our Lord and father I Love you so much Dad.

I'd name more reasons but I need to go and write my dad a card now
Yours Truly
Poem Girl


  1. Love you my little poem girl

  2. Wishing a Happy Father's Day to your earthly father, poem girl.