Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Faithfull To The End

Dear Readers, I hope you'll enjoy this post to the extent I meant it to be. I love my king I hope you have the same feeling as I on this topic he's my king I want to love him even to the death I want faith so strong that I'd be willing to die for the sake of his name. Someday I hope to be a missionary and preach to all who will listen of his holy name.

Faithful to the End
I'll love my king to eternity
I'll fix my eyes on him forever
His grace which is ever abounding
Will I ever leave him I should die
He supports my dead body and gives it life
Without him I'll fall and wither away
 My Arms, Hands, legs, my body I give to him
I pray I'll love him to the end of time.
                                                     -Poem Girl

Yours Truly
Poem Girl.

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  1. Dear Poem Girl, whether it be near or far, as a follower of Christ you will undoubtedly be a missionary. First in the home, then in the church, then elsewhere. May Jesus be glorified in all that you do.