Thursday, December 23, 2010

Another Christmas Carol

Today is yet another christmas carol
my own and a carol from the Trans Siberian Orchestra
The Music Box so I do hope you'll enjoy
my Carols!

The Music Box
Remember last Christmas Eve
When we sat next to our first tree
Ornaments reflected light
Of a candle in the night

And I gave you a music box
Back then that seemed like so much
We watched it go round and round
As the melodies unwound

But all these things are now long gone
And not to be wished upon again

But the musical box continues to turn
The candle in the window continues to burn
But I know they're just memories
Like Christmas past and you and me

Remember that old fireplace
That held the room in warm embrace
And as we watched for Christmas ghosts
The fire held the shadows close

But now upon that Christmas scene
The candle wax of melted dreams
And ornaments of shattered glass
Now belonging to the past

But all these things are now long gone
And not to be wished upon again

But the musical box continues to turn
The candle in the window continues to burn
But I know they're just memories
Like Christmas past and you and me

Such A Sight  
This night Christ was born 
His palace was a stable 
His throne was a manger 
And there he was adorned 
Such a sight was he 
The savior of the world was a baby boy 
Just how could this be 
How could a baby deliver the world
God was fulfilling his plan even as his fingers curled
Such a sight was he  
When the shepherds saw this wonderful sight
They bowed and worshiped it was only right 
Later on he was to die to save you and me 
Such a sight was he 
As years passed the wise men came
They gave gifts of gold frankincense and myrrh
They also worshiped his holy name 
Such a sight was he 
Several more years past 
And we were still so sinful
Christ died on the cross for he was the cure
When he drew his last breath 
Was the time when we were counted white and pure 
Before life was a blur 
Such a sight was he
But that was not the end 
for three days later 
he raised from the grave 
he was the cure and he was the hope of all nations 
For Such A Sight Was He!
                                                               -Poem Girl

Goodbye for now
Poem Girl.


Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Christmas Time Carols!

Dear Readers
for Today's post I'm
writing a Carol and for your
poetry Homework I'd like you to
write a Christmas carol too
please submit you Carol on post comment
and I'll choose the winning one and
post it on the blog.

Christmas Time
Christmas time oh Christmas time
I sing a song a Christmas rhyme  
Christmas time oh Christmas time
A time when Jesus Christ was born a time when Jesus Christ was born
Oh Christmas time oh Christmas time
Oh Christmas time oh Christmas Time
No silver gold no nothing fine
Not on a throne was he lain but in a manger dull and plain
Christmas time Christmas time
Shepherds  were the first to see no nobles kings or Lords were seen
Christmas time Christmas time
Unto him is for whom I rhyme
Not to a King was he born but by a poor couple was he adorned
Christmas time Christmas time  
Sinless still he did no wrong
so comes the end of my song
Christmas Time!
                                     -Poem Girl

Goodbye for now
Poem Girl.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Now that Christmas time is drawing near
I thought I'd share some Christmas track
ideas One I enjoy listening to is
Gloria A Christmas Celebration the second is
Sarah Groves O Holy Night
music can help you think of
words to go in poems.
Goodbye for now
Poem Girl.

Monday, December 13, 2010


This what we're going to have a lot
of over here.That blizzard is most likely the start
of the winter season oh how I'm dreading shoveling
the driveway.I have a feeling I know how winter
is going to come today listen to my weather girl like prediction
Cloudy with Snow up to four feet be prepared to be snowed in
stock up on shovels and snow apparel but seriously I suppose
winter isn't all bad there's always being stuck inside with loved ones. here's a poem on blizzard.

Snow that showers overhead
Means shoveling the winter bed
Snow that falls in quickly manner
Means being stuck together .

Skies of the color gray
Means inside you must stay
With all could no sun
A fire warm electricity none.

Stay off the roads and in your home
If on the roads all alone
Stay in your car find something warm
Your best chance stay out of the snowstorm.

Now that it's over you may rest
They'll bring the snow plows and clean up best.
                                                        -Poem Girl

Goodbye for now
Poem Girl.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

A Touching Poem

This Poem was written
by a 10 year old girl in China
Read the story here I hope you find it as
beautiful as I did.

I Cannot Live Like Jesus

I cannot live like Jesus
Example though He be
For He was strong and selfless
And I am tied to me.
I cannot live like Jesus
My soul is never free
My will is strong and stubborn
My love is weak and wee.
But I have asked my Jesus
To live His life in me.
I cannot look like Jesus
More beautiful is He
In soul and eye and stature
Than sunrise on the sea.
Behold His warm, His tangible
His dear humanity.
Behold His white perfection
Of purest deity.
Yet Jesus Christ has promised
That we like Him shall be.

Goodbye for now
Poem Girl.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Christmas Gifts

Today's post is entitled..
Christmas gifts 
as you may already know
Christmas alone is full of gifts
and not just the ones we give
such as...Snow,Family,and of course
The gift God gave his only son!
this post is the gifts of Christmas time
the natural and the given ones.

Christmas Gifts
Oh Christmas gift's let me count them all
1. Timmy want's a brand new ball
2. Gracie wants Polly Dolly  
3. Jessica want's some ice skates   
4. All  Karen want's is shiny red holly 
5. Johnathan wants snow throughout the states    
6. Criss would like a bible  
7. Kristen wants to help the Orphans 
8. Mark want's bright candles 
9. Naomi want's to be a missionary throughout African lands 
10. Susan wants a kitten named Maxy 
11. Mom and Dad wants everyone to be happy 
12. Much like Susan Brian want's a dog named Cory 
13. And I I just want to hear the Christmas story.

Goodbye for now
Poem Girl.

Friday, December 3, 2010

Winter Dream

thanks for reading once again
another hopefully poetic post
(I try to be as poetic as I can)
today's post is to kick off a wonderful
winter series of posts to honor today's
special event I am going to ask the question
what's the stickyest winter position you've ever been in?
then you leave a comment telling me you answer shall I begin the poem great let's begin.

Winter Dream
The snow that makes the world aglow 
Is falling gently down below
Cheeks so pink with winter chill
Goes perfectly well with the winter still
This is my dream my winter dream.

Snowmen start the season off
Then lying in the snow so soft
then snow ball fight's and sledding games
then giving snow angels names
This is my dream my winter dream.

Back inside so cold with snow
Siting by the fires glow
Drinking coaco chewing candy canes
Thinking about Christmas lit lanes
This is my dream my winter dream.
                                       -Poem Girl

Goodbye for now
Poem Girl.


todays post is called
blessing's my goal in this
post is for my reader's to think
of the many blessing's which we
have and to thank god for each one of
them no blessing is to small
so count everyone the Big and the little ones
and remember as our God is Big his Love for
Us is equally Big!

Oh the blessings we have
Glorious to be had
Thank the Lord for everyone
For he is God the creator and maker!

Thank God for the big things
The little and the small things
Thank God for the good things
the the happy and the sad things.

Joy for the blessings
Give thanks to God 
For even the bad things
Can be used for good.
                    -Poem Girl

Goodbye for now and may God Bless you
Poem Girl.