Monday, December 13, 2010


This what we're going to have a lot
of over here.That blizzard is most likely the start
of the winter season oh how I'm dreading shoveling
the driveway.I have a feeling I know how winter
is going to come today listen to my weather girl like prediction
Cloudy with Snow up to four feet be prepared to be snowed in
stock up on shovels and snow apparel but seriously I suppose
winter isn't all bad there's always being stuck inside with loved ones. here's a poem on blizzard.

Snow that showers overhead
Means shoveling the winter bed
Snow that falls in quickly manner
Means being stuck together .

Skies of the color gray
Means inside you must stay
With all could no sun
A fire warm electricity none.

Stay off the roads and in your home
If on the roads all alone
Stay in your car find something warm
Your best chance stay out of the snowstorm.

Now that it's over you may rest
They'll bring the snow plows and clean up best.
                                                        -Poem Girl

Goodbye for now
Poem Girl.


  1. Ohhh, your photo looks so cold!

    I helped our friend Steve shovel our driveway yesterday. It was long and difficult work. But I am grateful that our snowfall was rather insignificant compared to those east of us, especially near the Great Lakes!

    Stay warm!

  2. When I was first married my Grandparents always thought I should carry a can of sterno in the glove box in case I was ever stranded it would be used to heat my car.

    I never had to use that can. Remembering their advice I did carry some elk hunting in my survival kit. I tried to use it to heat some water once - It didn't seem to work.