Thursday, December 9, 2010

A Touching Poem

This Poem was written
by a 10 year old girl in China
Read the story here I hope you find it as
beautiful as I did.

I Cannot Live Like Jesus

I cannot live like Jesus
Example though He be
For He was strong and selfless
And I am tied to me.
I cannot live like Jesus
My soul is never free
My will is strong and stubborn
My love is weak and wee.
But I have asked my Jesus
To live His life in me.
I cannot look like Jesus
More beautiful is He
In soul and eye and stature
Than sunrise on the sea.
Behold His warm, His tangible
His dear humanity.
Behold His white perfection
Of purest deity.
Yet Jesus Christ has promised
That we like Him shall be.

Goodbye for now
Poem Girl.


  1. Thank's Poem Girl. The Poem was written by Betty Stam. She grew up in China as Betty Scott. She married John Stam. They were beheaded by the communists during the communist take over of China. They had a little baby also.

    You can visit the Voice of the Martyrs web page and read about present day persecution in China, churches burned, pastors arrested, and missing like: Gao Zhisheng.

    Thanks for posting this poem. Remember the persecuted church, prayer for our persecuted brothers.

  2. Wow! I just read that same poem myself!
    And funny thing...when I read it I thought that you should read it too! And you have! Amazing!

    It is a lovely poem and the story is lovely, too (even though sad!).