Friday, December 3, 2010

Winter Dream

thanks for reading once again
another hopefully poetic post
(I try to be as poetic as I can)
today's post is to kick off a wonderful
winter series of posts to honor today's
special event I am going to ask the question
what's the stickyest winter position you've ever been in?
then you leave a comment telling me you answer shall I begin the poem great let's begin.

Winter Dream
The snow that makes the world aglow 
Is falling gently down below
Cheeks so pink with winter chill
Goes perfectly well with the winter still
This is my dream my winter dream.

Snowmen start the season off
Then lying in the snow so soft
then snow ball fight's and sledding games
then giving snow angels names
This is my dream my winter dream.

Back inside so cold with snow
Siting by the fires glow
Drinking coaco chewing candy canes
Thinking about Christmas lit lanes
This is my dream my winter dream.
                                       -Poem Girl

Goodbye for now
Poem Girl.


  1. We were elk hunting when it began to snow hard. We were back in a ways on horseback. Thinking we could get in serious trouble we saddled up and headed for base camp. By the time we arrived there was a lot of snow - several inches. We took down base camp which was also on top of the mountain to drive down aways in case we might get snowed in for several days. As we lowered the roof of the pick up camper the weight of the snow caused the roof to come crashing down on my head - my neck still hurts thinking about it.

    I'm not sure if that was the stickyest or not but it was the first bad situation that comes to mind. -- Maybe the very worse was last december 8th driving down I29 to pick up my son from the airport on his return from India. What should have taken 1 1/2 hours took 2 1/2 and the snow was so deep I couldn't get into the airport parking until the plows made a small path. Then coming home the visibility was so poor I ended up heading south instead of north. Then a while later as I was driving North on I 29 there in the middle of the interstate was a stop sign and semi stopped at it. Well to my chagrin I discovered what really happened was somehow I had taken an off ramp - the only way to get back on I 29 was to turn around and drive the wrong way on the off ramp - Because the ON RAMP was shut down with snow. Later as I drove there was a car piled up on the center under a viaduct passing over I 29. I swerved a little to miss it and headed right off the interstate - slowly sliding the wrong direction. My boy kepy saying "left" "left" "left" but there was no turning left. at the last moment my vehicle regained traction and resumed up I29. I'd say Dec 8th, 2010 traveling on I29 to pick up my son returning from India was by far the most stickyest snow position I had ever experienced. But by Grace I made it with no mishaps.

  2. Hmmm, Scott, your snow experience doesn't quite match with Poem Girl's winter dream. lol