Thursday, April 21, 2011

He Who is Forever Wise

Dear Readers, I hope you'll enjoy this Post Dedicated to Erica a good good friend of mine thanks for all the inspiration you've given me.

He Who is Forever Wise
Rain clouds of the misty gray sky
The drops of the rain certainly don't lie
They tell of the spring to come
When they come they tell no one
but the he who knows is forever wise
he makes the clouds the sun the skies
I love he who is
The creator savior we are his
He who is soon to be revealed
My lips will open no longer sealed
why should they be I love him so
He is the one I'm glad to know
The wells will be opened no longer dry
Because of my savior God Lord most High!
                                                       -Poem Girl 

With Complete Sincerity 
Poem Girl.


  1. Very Good. I will read this over and over.

    Truly I Thank God for friends who call us further upward and forward, inspiring with their kindness, example, and counsel.

  2. Nicely written, Poem Girl.
    (I like the photo, too.)

  3. I think I know that girl :). I thank you very much for the honor dear friend. You also fill me with beautiful inspiration