Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Daisies and Dew Drops

 Dear Readers, Here is a poem on Daisies and Dew Drops and Spring These poems are dedicated to a close friend Kristenly.

On the dasies sits crystal clear
A Touch of sun and like a tear
The Dew drops are rather like a mirror
Reflections of the daisy's dear
Oh how they sit and glow
The life it holds as the colors go
Each droplet holds a tiny picture
The droplets of the raindrop dipper
Oh the crystals of the morning
I will never stop my adoring.

Spring oh how I long for you
The Flowers leaves on the tree's and blossoms too
I wish for the warmth you bring
And the song you sing
The light rains and the misty air
And the flowers fair
Oh spring how I long for you.
                                -Poem Girl

Yours Truly
Poem Girl.


  1. ohh, Poem Girl, thank you so much!! :)
    What lovely poems! I really enjoy your writing style- you paint such a detailed picture of the beautiful things you write about. It really gets my imagination going! One can just see the drops of dew shimmering on the leaves. God has displayed such creativity and love in creating such a world for us to enjoy!

    Waiting for those apple blossoms with you.. and looking forward to more poems. :)

  2. Sarah, this poem is amazing... It left me speechless. You definitely will write a book of your own and publish it some day!! This poem is one of my favorites so far :)