Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Been Awhile

Well, a brief recap is in order here we go.
1. We went hiking again. This picture was captured by my dad the day we went on trail\off trail hiking. It was gorgeous, this picture doesn't even do it nearly enough justice! 
I was also experimenting with my hair that day, you can't tell from this pic but I was attempting a natural straighten which involved a brush and a hair dryer.
Yeah I know the point of a perm is to get curls but some days you want to go straight.
2. I got new oxfords (and returned the previous ones)
3. Enjoyed the lush fall weather
4. Put together our costumes for our churches upcoming costume party (it's next month) 
5. Drew some more. I found out that makeup contouring guides make great face shading cheat sheets.
6. Went to an awesome friend's birthday party 

And that's it for now, sorry it was short...and not a story...or anything else more know what, how about I leave you with a couple poems.

The World in the Door
There was a crack,
In the middle of the door,
Every time we looked away,
It was bigger than before.

It dazzled our eyes,
With sights so grand,
That enveloped us so,
Till we were in the palm of it's land.

We stood for awhile,
With wide open eyes,
By opalescent waters,
And bluish green skies.

Till slowly it faded
As the woodworks reformed 
And we were as before 
Our stunning venture adjourned.

A Poem Wish
Give me a steady rhyme
So that I can keep the time
As I really ought to do
And not too many nor too few 

Let the subject grow and grow 
Until it has to fly, to go
Because it has to end sometime
As it is with all good rhymes.

Onwards or No 
Choose to discover, choose to forget
What you decide, will affect 
Close your eyes, open wide
A dream or reality, a crazy ride
Think you know? No you don't 
Think you can handle, no you won't 
What you've seen so far doesn't compare 
To danger you'll face, better prepare
If you'll move forward take a step back 
If you'll retreat than pack 
Once you choose, you're stuck
With either choice you'll need pluck 

Leave and you'll wonder;
Stay? Stray asunder?
But better to leap and fall
Than to not leap at all 
And forever wonder,
If you made the right call.

 Done for now like I said before, still gathering my this and that's. I need a bit more time to gather my creativity in a manageable place.

Anyways, Au Revoir my Amis 
Sarah Gracen

Sunday, October 12, 2014

The Return of the Procrastinator

...seriously that's gonna be my next book ...yeah B) ...and it'll be so ironic because I'll procrastinate on it too, THAT'LL BE THE SEQUEL! "The Ironic-ness Strikes Back!"
:j all joking aside, I have been putting off posting for a while a long while for various reasons I conjure up whenever I knowI should be posting...I really need to step it up.

Anyways while I gather my creative this and that's I post pictures of what I've been up too,

Fall and winter shopping because I've been putting it off for 3 years and I'm tired of being cold on Sundays (I meant mostly just Sunday, fall and winter shopping I have clothes for weekdays) 

And yeah...those are just the shoes I got I did buy sweaters and tops as well.

Drawing...not so much this past week, I was busy rereading a really great series (leave a comment if you want to know what it was was)

         ... {~S~} ...
      Out of pictures 
I also had several hiking trips with my dad (and sometimes sisters) in the local park...which was just oh, just gorgeous and wonderful, felt like I was in a book or something with all those fall trees and that outdoorsy smell Mmmmm.

Went in Pinterest a lot

Had a long string of late nights where I couldn't fall asleep because of stress (but what do I have to be stressed about? Ugh let me count the things) 

Made plans, changed plans, kept plans 

And interestingly enough, still very busy.
I'll try to get back on here when that cools down.

Anywho really need to go...

Au Revoir my Amis