Monday, December 12, 2011

The First Snowfall of December

Dear Readers, Christmas is coming and snow is beginning to fall now some of you may know snow as the sludgy brownish white cold think that comes in December and stays until February freezing ice onto the window's of you car in short you may  
know snow as the pest that takes forever to go away. Others may know snow as the glorious  beautiful white stuff that you can sled on and form it into things in short one big joy finally the third group the neutral people who both like snow and understand it can sometimes be a pest when you would like it to just sit and look pretty well I think you'll all enjoy this even snow dislikers might like to see hear this.

The First Snowfall of December
The first snowfall of December is quite a sight
The snowflakes that sparkle each one is unique
Created by God perfect complete!

The day after the snow has yet fallen is...
When we hop on our sleds and take of down hills
Flying past tree's and dodging my sisters
In that frosty white winters and those Icy chills
So here we go and what a thrill!

Coming in is no bother at all
Mom makes some hot chocolate
While we have a ball
Talking of  snow fights with a gigantic smile
As I mention A's super great throwing style!

Finally we get to shovel the driveway
Oh what a glorious look it'll have when we're done
and it's almost done now "continue" I say
We're almost finished now grab a shovel and ain't this fun?
The final scoop and it ways a ton!

The first snowfall is the beginning of...
The most heartwarming season
the season that love came down from above
in the shape of a baby to save us all and those are the reason's
Why winter is the most wonderful season!
                                                                     ~Poem Girl

Until Next Time
Poem Girl

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