Wednesday, July 20, 2011

A Cottage Home

Dear Reader, Here is another post for you on my view of a cottage  I'd like you my readers to explain what your view of a perfect cottage is.

Cottage Home
A cottage home both quaint and fair
A bed of lilies at it's front and daisies at it's back
Great oaks lie all around heavy with there sap
The house is brick vines are it's ware
A brook flows beside throwing misty spray's
Soft green grass lies over like an ocean
And a pretty wooden seat swings with motion
A glossy path to the cottage leads always
A picket fence encircles the home
Sunflowers sit slap up against the walls
And posies roll like little balls
The cottage made of marble stone

                                           -Poem Girl

Yours Truly
Poem Girl

1 comment:

  1. Poem Girl, your word picture is very lovely. So many things, grass, a flowing brook, etc.

    I had to think about it...but I think that the most important aspect of a "perfect" cottage is that its inhabitants love each other and live in peace. A home should be a place of peace.

    I once lived in a home that was anything but peaceful. It was awful. No amount of flowers or decor could have made it a lovely home.

    No, a lovely home can only be one that includes peace, love and joy. And then, the flowers, brook, etc., add to what loveliness is already there. They are an expression of "all is well" with the inhabitants.