Friday, March 11, 2011

Drops of Rain

Dear Readers,  This poem shows the glory and splendor of the magnificent gifts God has given us this one in particular is on the topic of rain drops. They inspire me.
Just look all around you and you will see how beautiful God has made everything to shout his name. Enjoy.

Drops of rain 
On  the windowpain
flow down and drip
to the ground
making hardly a sound
Drip drop plip plop
is the song of the rain
rushing down the city drain
they flow with pride and sparkle in the sun
they are the crystals that forever run
they shine the sky in lovely green
they humidify the air and make it clean

Surly God created wonders that fill the air
When he calls them near
He tells us to tell of the wonders that he places there
When he whispers in your ear.
                                                                    -Poem Girl

Goodbye for now 
Poem Girl.



  1. Hey I loved that poem. Thanks, brightened my day even brighter.

  2. Very nice. Made me feel as if I were outdoors catching raindrops from heaven. Rain is indeed a blessing to mankind.