Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Just Chilling

So it's the middle of the afternoon me and my sis Ani just finished with some side work and now, now it's time to blog! To be quite honest with you I've attempted several posts before this one but I've found myself having trouble deciding what to post about...what does one post about when one feels dried up? 
I haven't been drawing much either....not to say I haven't been drawing, just nothing interesting enough to share, mostly I've been so busy and excited with just my every day life it gets hard to come on here ya know. 

But hey I love you guys and I love writing so I thought...who cares if you have nothing to really say...because there's always something to say right! Just like there's aways something to do and always something to draw,
even if it's just chores to do...a half okay poem to write, or a little flowery card.
 I have been contemplating writing about a few other things but I just haven't felt like they were good enough idea's yet...I'm still building on them so yep when they're ready....BOOM! Interesting posts galore!
You know what, I've actually noticed that a lot of people haven't been writing...and some that even have stopped altogether....I'm determined though! I've been blogging just two days shy of four years...no time to slow down now guys!
 If I can get some old projects restarted and some new ones kicked into action, 
it'll be just like old times.
Like Catherine Weatherbane...I really need to get going on the next chapter for that.
It's so funny; I'm at the point where everything is so full of potential  and exciting I should be more ready to write this than I am, guess when you're mind is so filled with other things it's hard to concentrate on that one thing that you started awhile ago, but I like Catherine and I also like a lot of other characters whose stories you guys have probably forgotten by now...but I haven't forgotten them, SO THEY SHOULD RETURN!!!

Got to go, interesting stuff later :j

Au Revoir
Sarah Gracen

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Best Attempt at a Title

Um.....yeah, can anyone say slacker :/
When I said I going to try harder to post more I meant it, this is me trying :j 
but hey, I guess it's easier to read other peoples blogs and pretend I'm posting too. Do you know I actually thought I was even though I wasn't; how's that even possible!?

If any of you are still reading...GREAT, thank you so much! I seriously love you guys like friends! And even if you just read and don't comment, you're still awesome :) and I'm so happy you're here! I know I probably sound like a girl who just loves having a big number on her followers list, but I mean it! 
My 4 year Blog-O-Versary is coming up soon and I can't believe how many new friends I've made through this blog.

I'll have some new things posted soon and hopefully some more chapters to my books, we'll see.
Let me know if there's anything in particular you want me to write about....or maybe you have an idea for something I could draw next (Love that)
Also if anybody's interested in entering writing contest on my blog, please tell me in comments.

Au Revoir