Friday, March 16, 2012


Dear Readers, I'm so sorry for my lack of postings but I had no poems to share and I would have looked a pretty sort posting without a genuine inspired poem because without inspiration my poems are just words on paper and those are the very worst poems that can be written well here is my poem I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I did writing it.

Upon those sweet and scented springs
Of perfect warmth and pleasant sight to behold
Of colored blossoms fit for kings
And dewy glades of transparent gold.

When many a life had begun
When fawns begin to frolic about
Little lambs to bleat and play in the sun
And cubs learn to hunt and fish for trout.

When tree's of apples and cherries burst forth in pink
And pansies and poppies pop forth faces heavenward
To smile at the sun and share a friendly wink
As if sharing some marvelous secret which cannot be heard.

The wind tells me stories of winter and fall
But tells me "I love spring the very best of all!"
                                                            ~Poem Girl

Yours Truly
Poem Girl