Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Robin Hood and Maid Marien

Dear Readers, So I've found someone to scan the pictures for me and that means yes we can go on as planned with my Picture/Post  project next week. do to this new project and the things I'm doing to prepare for it I may have to cancel next weeks Cathrine Weatherbane chapter I hope it doesn't come to that but I have some short stories I want to try and get done but... I don't think I'll have to cancel it.
Short stories and reviews are expected on Picture/Post week so keep an eye out for them as that is what's keeping me so busy. Thanks for Reading.

With Kindest Regards
Poem Girl

Book Review

 Dear Readers, I've been a busy reader as of late and the subject has been....Classics here is one I've recently finished.

The Prince and The Pauper is about two boys one born into a life of luxury the other to poverty. Poor Tom Canty only ever wanted to meet a prince how was he to know that, that very event would cause so much trouble.

I reread this book imagining that I would skim over my favorite parts and leave the rest behind but little did I know that I was about to be pulled into the adventure all over again. I found myself eagerly looking forward to what would happen and even though I had already read it once it was like reading it for the first time. I discovered things I'd missed the first time leaving me to wonder "are there other classics filled with exciting things I missed the first time through" I Highly recommend you read this book.
So concludes my review. 

With Kindest Regards
Poem Girl
 P.S. All Photography credit to the taker of this Photo

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

I don't normally do this but...

It happened Piano Bookworm tagged me normally I wouldn't do this but I've never done it before and I thought "Hey why not try it just once" so this is me doing a tag post (I can't believe it) :) first I'm supposed to post eleven things about myself (which I will in a very subtle way ha ha secret poem girl) and then I'm supposed answer 11 questions "simple enough" after that  I'm supposed to (am I saying supposed a lot?) :) ask seven questions to 5 people oh and to those unfortunate people "you don't have to do it if you don't want to and I'm not doing 5 I'm doing 3" oh and rules are you can't tag me back. Here goes.

1. I'm kinda shy at first
2. When you get to know me I may seem hyper
3. But really I'm thinking (okay sorry if I'm talking your ear off)
4. I don't usually tag or send chain emails
5. I Love the color Pink
6. My parents are awesome
7. My siblings are awesome
8. My cat is awesome
9. I like drawing, writing, reading, and school
10. I like editing photo's
11. best for last I am a Christian  :)

Piano's questions...

1. What is your favorite day of the week: Monday (I get to start school for the week again I love school)
2. Do you like to read or do things better: honestly I don't know because drawing and school are doing something so I guess I'm neutral
3. Do you like to write stories or read them: Both! ;)
4. What is your favorite type of book: An exciting one
5. Do you like mismatched or matching socks: Matching
6. Do you like computers or notebooks better: Oh well I write on computers and draw on notebooks so once again I guess I'm neutral
7. Do You like Kindle/Nook or regular book better: I prefer regular books but I do own a kindle
8.  Fiction or Nonfiction: Neutral ;)
9. Extrovert or introvert: I hope I'm extrovert I wouldn't like to think I'm self centered but I can be shy when you first meet me
10. What is your Favorite subject in school: Um let me's...what no that can't be I guess it's math *silently whispers to self* "when did that happen?"
11. Hot Drinks or Cold Drinks: Cold drinks except for an occasional cocoa or coffeee

My questions

1. Sweaters or Ponchos?
2. Pink or Yellow?
3. Dogs or Cats?
4. Do you prefer Language/English or Math/Algebra?
5. Gmail or Yahoo?
6. Do you sometimes sift through your childhood pictures or not?
7. Have you ever had Curry?
8. Do you spend more time indoors or outdoors?
9. which is more tolerable weather for you very cold or super warm?
10. Do you wear short sleeves in winter?
11. Favorite Flower.

Here's who I'm tagging and remember you don't have to do this if you don't want to.

Brittney Ann@

Thanks for reading :)

Yours Truly
Poem Girl


Trip Through Seasons

Dear Reader's I thought I would inform you that hopefully starting Tuesday next week I'll have a drawing/poem or story series up where I'll post a picture drawn by me each day along with either a short story (most likely not) or Poem also I hope to have a review up on a new favorite book of mine then when the week's up you can tell me which picture you liked best again this is only a maybe depending mostly on me finding someone who can scan the pictures for me but for now please enjoy this poem.

My Trip through Seasons
I made a visit yesterday
To cheery Summer Town 
Flowers grew beside the way
And tree's were never brown

Last week I tread
Through colorful  Fall
Not a tree I saw was dead
And even the old town hall
Was alive with orange and red

Before that there
was Winter Road
With its chilly frosty air
I quite enjoyed my icy abode
And the breezes through my hair

Oh dear and I nearly forgot
I stopped my touring
So I could take a merry trot
through lively lovely Spring!
~Poem Girl

Yours Truly
Poem Girl

Monday, October 29, 2012

I Hope You Like This

Dear Readers, I hope you guys are excited cause it's finally time for me to post chapter 2 of Cathrine Weatherbane I was typing feverishly yesterday to get it ready in time to post it today also for those who haven't commented please tell me what you think of the new header and background so I know if I should bring it back again sometime.

                                                                        Chapter 2
                                                                 Great Aunt Prune
The wagon rode on for three days. Thinking of poor Nana I began to panic. She probably thought I’d run away or something just as bad. And I didn’t even learn anything about my parents. Things looked pretty bleak.

A thousand fall leaves flew past me. I watched them wishing with all my might I could take to the winds and be free as well.

I shook myself. I was no helpless maiden. I had a way to get myself out of this. I scolded myself for not remembering my little dagger hidden in the belt of my dress. I wouldn’t have remembered it now either except it had begun to poke me. I fumbled to pull it out (which is very hard with bound hands, I’ll have you know) At last I succeeded. I smiled as I began sawing at the thick rope. Soon I would be free and finally I was. But my poor wrists were in rather bad condition for though my captors had occasionally unbound my hands it hadn’t prevented the rope from scratching and rubbing away some of the skin and they did hurt. Now, though I could escape I looked around for the least painful way of exiting. To my delight a thick branch lay overhead in the distance. I would exit so quietly my captors wouldn’t know I was gone until they stopped which wouldn’t be for ages since we’d stopped only a short while ago and by the time they stopped again I would be long gone. I took a deep breath as I reached out my arms and then… there it was. I nimbly jumped from the wagon just barely catching the branch. I swung up and held tight watching to see if the driver had noticed me. He hadn’t, I could breathe easy now.

After I’d climbed down from the tree I lifted the squealing chipmunk from my apron pocket and set him on my lap. He quickly darted up an oak tree and began collecting acorns. I waited until he came down again and dropped the three acorns he had stuffed into his chubby cheeks. I picked them up and was about to place them in my pocket when I noticed something cold. I pulled it out and saw the lovely heart-shaped locket. “Oh no, I must’ve put it there when I rushed out the door,” I told myself. “Now I’m sure Nana is worried.” My head sunk low but didn’t stay there long. I never could keep it down for long. It was one of those strange quirks I had. I decided it wasn’t safe to stay where I was so I clasped the necklace around my neck I decided I would be least likely to lose it that way. Stripes climbed back into my pocket with an acorn in his small paws. I got up and headed deeper into the fall forest.

After I walked for a very long time I realized something. Something I hadn’t thought would ever happen to me. I was lost! It seemed ridiculous to even think the thing after so long of exploring my own forests. But not every forest is the same. I decided the best thing was to look around until I found some clue as to where the way out was. But before I could take even one step an elderly lady walked out from behind a tree. I approached her. Raised my head and smiled in a confused way. “Excuse me ma’am, I seem to have lost my way. Could you please point me the way out?” But the woman just smiled and said kindly, “follow me.” I did as she asked.  And hoped she was leading me out and not back to the captors I had hpoed to forever be rid of. To my relief she didn’t led me to them but she didn’t lead me out of the forest either. for smack in the middle there was a house. It wasn’t like all the other houses in my little village. It was large (for one person) and dark under the trees shade. It was at the top of a steep cliff and had stilts going down so the whole porch wouldn’t fall into the dark depths below. Even though the height scared me a little I couldn’t help but think, “This place is absolutely gorgeous!”
Leaves blew about in the breeze orange, brown, yellow, and maroon painting the four winds. The air smelled fresh and sweet.

She stopped.  Her smile disappeared replaced but an expressionless gaze. “What is it?” I asked. “Your name is Cathrine Weatherbane, correct?” I was taken back a bit. “um… yes it is.” She smiled brightly. “Awe, I did think so but I had to make sure. You do remember me, don’t you dear?” I shook my head confused. “Well you were only a wee one when your mother brought you here.” “You knew my mother? Do you know where she is now? do  you know why she didn’t raise me!?” The lady stepped back as I pleaded to her in probably the most desperate voice my vocals have ever managed. “Why didn’t Amelia ever tell you? Maybe she said not to. Maybe she wanted to tell you herself.” “She? Who’s she? My mother? You know my mother? Please where is she? do you know my father too!?” “Of course dear. I know them both. But I haven’t seen either of them since they brought you here eleven years ago. Let’s see, that would make you fourteen. Then you don’t remember anything about either of your parents dear?” I dropped my head but then quickly raised it up again. I thought I saw a flicker of a smile come across her face. “Awe, you do still have those traits, good. When you find your mother she’ll be proud her daughter can keep her head high even when she’s sad. Now, if only we could have a smile.” I looked at her bewildered. “I haven’t seen my mother since I was three and I can’t even remember her from then. Why should I smile?” “Oh, I don’t know just seems a little rude to sob in front of your host.” “Host?” “Yes, host. You’re staying with me until I see fit for you to go on. After all what are great aunts for, eh?” “Oh, you’re my great aunt?” I wiped away a stray tear. “Yes, of course, great aunt Prune. Goodness can’t remember a name like Prune. Kids these days.” “Will you tell me about my parents?” “No, sorry, I can’t say I really know much about them even though I was her aunt. I was very distant. Her name was…” “Anastacia, I know.” “Oh, you do, do you, and how did you learn that, eh?” “Oh! I found a poem.” I blushed a bit as I recalled sneaking into Nana’s room. “Yes she loved her poems,” Prune sighed. “Well, dear, did you know your fathers name was Alexander?” I shook my head. “Okay, then come in and I’ll get you introduced to the others staying here. Then I’ll tell you all I know about your parents, okay” “Uh, thanks.” I smiled a little smile and Aunt Prune noticed. “Now that’s more like it!” she exclaimed as she shut the door behind me. 

That's all for now 
Yours Truly
Poem Girl

Saturday, October 27, 2012


Dear Reader's, Today I'm going to write a little poem on eye's oh and Ani took this one by the way (Thanks Ani) and I edited it oh and this is my eye so no stealing please.

Their are many kinds of eyes
Blue eyes
Green eyes
In between eyes
Small eyes
Big eyes
Do a jig eyes
Squinted eyes
Wide eyes
I can confide eyes
Dull eyes
Bright eyes
Dark as the night eyes 
Sad eyes
Mad eyes
Very very glad eyes
Their are many kinds of eyes
~Poem Girl

Yours Truly
 Poem Girl

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Cathrine Weatherbane

Dear Readers, Today I'll shall post chapter 1 of my Cathrine Weatherbane story yes I know I said I'd post it Monday but the internet over here has been extremely slow *sigh* well can't be helped I suppose so please read and feel free to share your thoughts, opinions, and idea's :)

                                                                      Chapter 1
                                                                      My Story
I suppose I should start by summing up my childhood and who I am. My name is Cathrine Weatherbane. I’ve lived in the mountains all my life. At least that’s what Nana says. She’s not really my Nana but she raised me all on her own and was just like a real grandmother to me. My first memories begin when I was four and Nana Amelia took me took me down the mountain to the village. There she showed me the festivals and bazaars. I had a grand time. But when I turned six, I was lost in the town crowds and Nana has never let me go down since though I sometimes sneak a visit when she’s asleep.

My existence has been shrouded in mystery for as long as I can remember. Nana has never told me anything about my real parents or where I come from. But I’ve always known I didn’t belong here. Tomorrow will be my 16'th birthday. Nana still hasn’t told me anything. But today I found a  picture of a lovely young woman in the drawer of her bureau and it certainly is not Nana...the lady looked nothing like her. I'd like to think the woman is my mother but I don't have any proof that she is, and Nana won't say straight yes or no.

It started as a normal afternoon. Nana was in our small kitchen fixing tea and I was in my room getting ready for my party. Nana always gave me a party on my birthday. I was just finishing putting up my hair when I heard several loud knocks at the front door.        “That’s strange” I thought for no one ever came to our cottage. I could hear pots and pans clanging in the kitchen and I wondered if Nana was just as flustered. I quietly exited my room. I heard a boys voice saying, “I wish to see Miss Weatherbane. Is she
here?” Nana stuttered a bit trying to collect herself, “Oh…n… no I.” Just then the whistle on the tea went off and Nana excused herself. I took the chance and went over to the door. “I’m Miss Weatherbane did you want to see me?” The boys mouth dropped open and his eyes went wide when he saw me.  I rolled my eyes. I wasn’t interested in boys and I was used to this expression. I received it a lot in town because while most of the villagers have dark hair, brown or black eyes, and tan complexions, I had long wavy blond hair, dark blue eyes, and pale skin with natural pink cheeks. Also even though I’ve spoken this language all my life I have a foreign accent. “Sir?” I said giving him some incentive to speak. He pulled himself together. “Sorry it’s just you look just like her.” I raised an eyebrow, “just like who?” “Oh, I can’t tell you yet. But how would you like to know who you are?” I gave him a suspicious glare, “I’d like to. But who are you and how do you know about me?” “That doesn’t matter, but if you want to know, then meet me in the outskirts of the village this evening.” And with that the boy hurried off and to my distress Nana had just returned from the kitchen. Her mouth went dry and she tried to fumble out a few words “Catty” (that’s what Nana calls me) “Catty what are you doing here?” I thought about telling her the truth. But then maybe I wouldn’t ever find out who I was so for the first time I thought up a lie. “The door was open. I thought I’d close it.” Nana sighed with relief. “Was somebody here?” Nana smiled weakly. “No need to worry your pretty head my darling it was nothing.” I feigned a smile. “Okay Nana.” I skipped up the steps to my room wondering at her secrecy. “Tea’s ready and the tarts will be out soon go and wash up my love.” My ears pricked. Why was that so familiar? Morning passed and I decided I would stay considering I knew nothing of this boy. And Nana would miss me. So instead I decided to go into Nana’s room and see the picture of the lovely lady. But this time the picture was on Nana’s desk and there was something else too, a beautiful silver heart-shaped locket with a smaller blue heart in the middle for decoration. I fingered it for awhile till finally I       

plucked up the nerve to open it. There was a little poem inside but nothing else. I sighed, as I carefully unfolded the tiny paper

A little locket in an apron pocket
And a poem for a clue
Take this now and remember me
For I’ll always remember you
                 ~Anastasia Weatherbane

That was my last name. Was she my mother? I was growing frantic with curiosity. What had Nana been hiding all these years. But there were no more clues to my past and I had a burning desire to know more. I knew now I had to go see the boy. Without thinking I stuffed the necklace in my apron pocket and dashed to the door. I closed my eyes and took a breath as I stepped out. Maybe I could finally know my heritage. I was practically in hysterics with all my excitement!
 I’d just made it to the outskirts before the boy…(why hadn’t I asked his name?) had left. He kicked up his shoes to meet me. “Come with me the man who’s going to tell you everything is just over here.” I hesitated. “I’m not sure I should.” I was beginning have second thoughts about this strange boy. “Of course you should. Don’t you want to know about yourself?” “Of course but…” “But you don’t know if you want to anymore. It’s okay the guy just wants you to know the truth.” “No I think I…hmph.” A hand was placed roughly over my mouth as I was dragged away. “Sorry…,” the boy apologized “I didn’t want to do it honest” I just glared at him but he really did look sorry. A gag was tied over my mouth and I was thrown into the back of a wagon. “Why was I being kidnapped!?” 

Chapter 2 will hopefully be ready by next Monday.

Yours Truly

Poem Girl

Saturday, October 20, 2012

For Storyteller

Dear Storyteller,
Here are the picture's you asked for ;)

Yours Truly
Poem Girl

Well Okay a Little Bit

Dear Reader's, Here's something to wet your appetite.
A sample of my Cathrine Weatherbane book think of it
as your assurance that more is coming.

A woman sits on a rocky cliff her hair flying in loose blond wisps all around her face. She sighs as a breeze floats by dropping an early autumn leaf onto her lap. She smiles as she picks it up and lets it fly away. As the leaf returns to it’s destined path she lies down tickling the little toddler resting beside her breathing peacefully. She sighs and begins reciting poems. 

Yours Truly
Poem Girl

Hey Again :)

Dear Readers,  I hate to keep you waiting but I'm afraid I must for at least a two days more I'm sure the first chapter will be ready by Monday. I would have had it by now but we just couldn't get around to it nonetheless it should be ready by Monday my Dad and I are going to work on it this afternoon and if we can't get it done today we'll at least have it done by tomorrow. So for now enjoy yet another poem.

Bee's in Tree's covered in Leaves
But tree's no longer carry these
For tree's have just now lost there leaves
And Bee's no Longer care for these

So Bee's leave
And leaves relieve
Themselves from wearisome tree's
~Poem Girl

Yours Truly
 Poem Girl
P.S. My lovely sister Ani is responsible for today's post picture. I believe she took this two years ago and isn't it great!

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The Tale

Dear Reader's, as of yet we are still unable to post the story but we hope to have it ready soon so for now which picture do you prefer?

The Tale
Their is a Tale to be Told
Of Cathrine Weatherbane
These her Tales shall soon be pulled
From dusty shelves of no name

But for Now my Friends must wait
For I have work to do before my pen be stilled
But rest assured when I am done
My work be readily spilled
~Poem Girl

Yours Truly
Poem Girl
 P.S. All Photography credit goes to the takers of the pictures not me
though it was all edited and arranged by me so you can give me credit for that

Friday, October 12, 2012

The Dawn

Dear Reader's,
I shall first ask your apology for not posting sooner but the internet down here has been rather slow and discouraging but I hope to make up for that soon by posting a story I've been writing I hope to have it edited soon but in the meantime please enjoy this poem :)

The Dawn
The dawn sets upon the moor
In brilliant golds and pinks
The castle sits beside the shore
And the falling sun winks
It fades from view and all is dark
The moon begins to climb
And now the night takes on its part
As the stars twinkle and shine
Now we whisper tidings to daylight
And  we welcome the quiet night
~Poem Girl

Yours Truly

Poem Girl